In favour of honesty



For the last three weeks now, my daughter and I are in germany, visiting my parents.


Every day since we came I walk in the forest.

For hours on end... It feels like coming home.

Big old oak trees and tiny little beeches, sparkles on the green, the smell of mushrooms and moss and heat, bird concerts and whispers of other creatures, raspberries, and a quick hello to strangers jogging past...


All that together with moving my body puts me into an elated sort of peace.


It also helps me to think, to feel, to connect and open my heart.


One of the things i am thinking about is this website.

Why I am writing it. where I want it to go.



Here is what I desire:


For it to be a healing space.

For us to resonate. For us to touch each others' hearts, through the realization that some truths are the same for all of us, no matter what we look like on the outside. We all have to deal with life being unpredictable, being brutal, being tough. With making mistakes, with having regrets, with coming short of our own expectations.

With hurting others, deliberately or through being blind and unaware.

And still we have to go on, every day. and still there is so much beauty, so much grace, such goodness.


We are all in this together. 

And we can all move through it together. We can re-discover our eternal spirit being, our beauty, home, being connected.


Being love...


The idea is that whatever I experience will be of value to you if I am uncompromisingly honest about it.


Because such honesty always touches that part in us that knows. 

Knows we are ultimately the same. 

We all want to find our own truth, live out our own uniqueness. contribute from the core of our being.


In my work as a healing facilitator, I love my clients so much when they start to open up. Even if they have done things that are not nice at all. If it is truthful, it is beautiful, and i can understand.

Being that honest, opening yourself up with such vulnerability has to touch. I can’t help but love this incredibly courageous soul.


Maybe this is why I want to do be so honest myself. 


Because I want to be loved. For the real me. For the person full of flaws, full of shortcomings, short of money. For the impatient, angry, snappy bitch I sometimes am. For being insecure. For hiding. Behind books, behind smiles, behind being nice. 


Coming out of hiding is an act of self-love, of acceptance. And hopefully, of inspiration. 


We all struggle, let’s do it together!


Becoming gentler and more real in the process.