the gravity is strong

oh but the knowing

is stronger yet

and doesn’t let me lie

it keeps on pushing keeps on showing


and finally I fly



and lift off past the earthly sludge

past living once again the daily dread

past expectations, questions and the drudge

of you and me and stories in my head


come fly with me to places that are sacred

to beauty and to courage and to trust

to understanding

love and all things naked

stripped and released from should and ought and must



to honesty, to gentleness and purpose


and then, my love, lets journey to the night

and find the stars that in the greatest darkness

are always there, are always shining bright



how freeing to let go of longing

be brave instead and open and at peace


and limitless, then find yourself belonging

to earth and heaven and to all there is




PoemsJutta Dobler