Finding the real gift



While we are in this physical dimension, on the planet of opposites, there is always balance. 


This is often not obvious to us, because we become invested in a particular outcome.

And if that outcome doesn’t manifest, we fall. Meaning we go into resistance, we start doing, we fight or we get depressed…


And yet, would we stay open to what is happening, we would realize that the balance has been kept.


What you wanted did not happen, yet something else that you can use has risen. 

An internal state, an internal prompting...


It does not feel good at first. in fact, it feels downright awful. Pressure is building.

And if you let it build, those states are great opportunities to practice some alchemy. To turn your heaviness, your lead, into gold.


If you let yourself stay in them they will produce an internal shift that is more valuable than the external business, lover, or opportunity you wanted.


Instead of feeling happy, fulfilled, appreciated because of something external added to you, you are driven to find what you were looking for within.


Comfortable it is not…


But it is precious and it is lasting.

It is you standing firm within that internal pressure.

It is you letting the fire consume you, despite the part of you that shouts: run, eat, hide, shop, drink, distract yourself.


It seems like a lonely path, and yet the rewards are beautiful. If you can let that internal pressure cooker turn you soft, your heart will open. 


And when your heart is open, you realize that you are connected with everything. That it is all you.


Be grateful for those states that oppose you, for those people that seem to make you feel vulnerable and out of control. 


They are the angels send to jump-start your internal transformation.


Being given the opportunity to learn humility is a great gift. Every spiritual aspirant has to go through it.

Do not run from it, brave warrior. You are never alone. You are greater than what seemingly opposes you.


And if you stay in the pressure cooker long enough, you mightl become a tender human being.