A new earth



I have to repeat myself, because it keeps on coming through so very strongly at the moment.


The old patterns are no longer working. 

By stepping into 2013, we have changed worlds.


If you feel lost, if you feel unsure of where you are supposed to go, if ways of thinking that worked beautifully do not bring results anymore, it is because you are navigating with maps that no longer show the true landscape.


We have moved out of polarity. We do not need opposites anymore in the way we used to. Back in the old world, there was no love without fear showing up. 


This has changed now.


THE best way to thrive in this new world of ours is to go into the heart.


Through the heart, we connect. 


With each other, with the seeming outside, with the seeming rest of the universe, with the higher self, with God.

When you are in your heart space, you are in the new frequency. In the flow of love.

In the flow of receiving.

There is no more need to push, to control, to force things into being.

When you are in your heart vibration, your frequency is high, and it is pure. and that frequency magnetizes all that is yours towards you.






To go into your heart space, focus on the heart area. 

Feel it becoming warm, feel it opening up. Feel yourself soften. Maybe you start to smile. Or maybe you start to cry. 

Let the tears come, they wash the brittleness out of your being.


The time for hiding your light is over. We are all called into action now.


There is a whole new earth to discover, embrace, and create into being!