Embracing the shadow


You do know who you are.


A generous, kind, and loving spirit on a quest in a human body that comes with its own challenges and surprises...


So sometimes, while you are cruising along, you start to listen to that song that was playing when your first love left. 

You drive past the office where they fired you, you get all tense, you think of when you have been hurt, and you think of not being hurt again.

Your eyes are glued to the rear view mirror, and then you hit the speed bump. ..




After you promised yourself that your last such experience was to be the final one.

After you promised others the same.

After you knew that you had learned the lesson this time around…


These speed bumps can come in many forms. Lashing out at someone you love, having just one glass, lying to make a difficult situation seemingly easier...


Whatever form your hump in the road takes, it is there for a reason.


Time to find your way back to who you are.

Time for kindness towards yourself. Time for acceptance.


I am not saying don't care. Chances are if these things bug you that you care too much.

What if a friend or a lover had done that? Would you punish him or her, or would you understand and support?

Being hard on yourself will make you hard. Hard people provide resistance. They get knocked. They have something to prove.

They stop being loving and become comfortably numb


Yes, you are perfect.

Yes, you are sometimes confused, and you are sometimes afraid, and you make mistakes.


That doesn’t make you a child of a lesser God.


While we are in a body, there is no light without shadow.

But there doesn't have to be judgment.

There are just low frequencies and high frequencies.

Our seeming mistakes can be our greatest push to awaken. 


We came here to experience it all, our brilliance and our confusion, our courage and our fears, our highs and our lows.


We also came here to realize that we are a fabric of love, and to act that way, towards the world AND towards ourselves.


You cannot change what you don’t acknowledge

Only through knowing your dark can you consciously choose the light.


So if you hit that speed bump know that you brought yourself fully back into the present. 


And then show yourself some kindness and let it go.