Manifesting 101


Quite often, the more intention and awareness you put into something you would like to create, the more elusive it seems to become.


The reason for that is that whenever you think of something, what gets activated is the way you mostly feel about it.


Let’s say you are trying to bring in more money. Every time you think of money, you don’t think of how joyful it is to have so much of it (which would bring more in quickly), but about how you don’t have enough and need more. Which is then of course what you attract.

Kind of by accident (there are of course no such things :- ) ), I discovered for myself how easy it really is to create more money.

When I think of money, it still more often then not comes with the worry of it maybe drying up, or of there not being quite enough.

This month, my main focus was on creating a new apartment for us. Beautiful, affordable, and most of all, in Mitte (the middle of Berlin, a very vibrant area filled with cool cafes, bookshops, boutiques, galleries, and lots of interesting people).


One of the things I did to make this happen was to set recurring reminders on my phone: ‘We are living in Mitte!’


While I was busy with that, I also added another reminder: ‘I am so thankful for bringing in 5000 Euro this month.’

Then I started to visualise the new place (which worked wonderfully, more on this in a different blogpost). The only thing I did about the money coming in was to read the reminder once a day, when it got activated. 


Today is the 22nd of November, and so far 5120 Euro have come in.


Without me working more. On the contrary, I was so busy with sorting, packing, moving, unpacking and doing lots of admin that I hardly did anything in my business.


It feels like magic!


Try it out for yourself. Set a goal in an area that is normally challenging for you. Set a daily reminder. And then get busy with something else that requires most of your attention. 

Once you take your (doubting, worrying, ‘having to make it happen’) focus of it, your vibration will raise, and what you want can actually reach you! 


More on this in the video:


Lots of love and happy manifesting!