Follow your excitement

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‘You can’t create the new while giving your power away to the old.’

Hey sweets

Would you like to know how to get out of feeling stuck, blah, uninspired, bored?

By trusting, blindly, totally, in what excites you!

Excitement is your guiding light. 

Your North star. 

It leads you away from the familiar, and allows you to set sail and leave the safety of the shore behind. 

Your excitement is THE WAY! 


Because you only get truly excited by something that belongs to who you truly are! 

When something excites you, it cuts straight through the ‘been there, done that, have the t-shirt’ attitude to life.

There is a tremendous surge of energy when you release this kind of stale, blah vibe. 

It feels fresh. It feels invigorating. It feels, EXCITING! 

You have broken your attachment to who you thought you are.

And the way forward is wide open, and powerfully fresh and new! 

So, all you have to do to get out of any funk, any 'I don't know what to do', any 'What's my purpose?', any 'I'm so stuck!'. is to find something, ANYTHING, that excites you even a little bit. 

No matter what it is. 

And then you do it.

And when the charge has left, you find the next exciting thing. 

Excitement is like breadcrumbs on the path to your destiny. Find it, follow it, soak it up. 

Allow it to lift your vibration, and to remind you of who you truly are!

Anything that excites you, no matter how small, is directly connected to your bigger purpose. 

You can absolutely trust it!

Which gives you such an easy compass, no matter where you are, no matter what you're doing. 

Find and follow your excitement and you're good, always!

What totally excites me right now is the ALCHEMIST’S Adventure!


I just finished all the content, and it’s the most powerful program I have ever created!

As the tag line says, it will guide you to ‘Trust your Calling, remember your Power, and get paid for being YOU!

Before you came here, you had a dream. A vision of what you would do, a powerful desire that drove you to incarnate yet again. 

Yes, it has been buried over the course of your years on this planet. And yet, even from beneath all the conventions, the fitting in, the being well behaved and hard working and just fucking realistic, you can still feel it’s call. 

You came here as a deliberate creator of WHATEVER it is that takes your fancy. 

You are God incarnate. 

And a part of you still knows that. 

By going through the Alchemist’s Adventure, you will re-connect to this version of yourself. 

The one that KNOWS who you are. 

That has no doubt about your abilities. 

That is confident and certain and doesn’t ask for permission. 

That knows that you, just like any other being in nature, is meant to thrive and be supported just for being YOU! 

That knows how magnetic you become when you trust in yourself and your Calling.

That is very clear on how reality creation works, and that does so deliberately.

Stepping into your full power is totally simple, but it’s not always easy. 

It takes releasing pre-conceived notions about who you are, and how life works. 

It takes daily connecting to your higher self, allowing guidance in, and then following this guidance. 

It takes letting go of the old, to experience the new. 

It takes creating new habits and doing the work.

And it takes seeing yourself in a different, empowered, magnificent light!

Which is why the Alchemist’s Adventure is a 40-day long process, leading you one step at a time to FREEDOM.

I am so convinced that this stuff works, and that everybody should know this, that I would love to give it all away for free. But my daughter wants to buy clothes. I want to travel. And Lucy wants to EAT! 

So I won't.

But come along anyway!

Lots of love

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