Embracing Creativity

embracing creativity


Last week things were very busy. Visitors, lots of school stuff to sort out, and the most gorgeous sunshine which meant that my dog constantly wanted to be outside. 

Which is just a long-winded way of saying that I didn’t write a review post for the third week of the challenge.


So, what has been happening since my last post?


Not that much on a surface-level, manifested, in-your-face kind of way. 

BUT there are undercurrents. It feels like tectonic plates, slowly shifting. I know I’ve set stuff in motion, and it will speed up and disrupt the old and create a new world in my own personal Universe.

And that feels very exciting!


I also get a lot of little insights I maybe have always gotten, but am now paying more attention to. 

For example, I realised how I need projects. Creating things, building something, shaping my world…

In Namibia, this was so much easier to do. I had a huge playground, and I used it. Getting chickens, creating a veggie garden, renovating the house, changing colours on the inside and the outside, running workshops and meetings and yoga sessions, writing a blog for which I had to come up with regular DIY projects, going camping or on a road trip, crafting and baking and many many other things.

Here in Berlin we live in a small apartment. There isn’t that much scope for re-decorating (although, since last week, I have a moss green wall which looks very cool!). There is also no space to garden, or do meal prep (no freezer), or to have lots of animals. 

And yet, the urge to create is still there. 


With that, I suddenly understood why I keep on changing my website.

Re-writing, looking for different pics, changing the fonts and the colours, doing new graphics. It’s my (new, restricted) way of re-creating my environment!

This might not look like much to you, but for me it was a great ‘aha’, especially since I have been judging myself very harshly for this particular habit. 

And now I realise that I am not fickle and indecisive, I am just creative :).


Which feels much better! Since having had this realisation, I also allowed myself more ‘senseless’ (meaning non-income-producing little things, like experimenting with photography, and looking for (and finding) a pillow in the perfect mustard shade. 

This brings with it a nice feeling of lightness and expansion.


I do believe that as humans, the process of creating, of bringing something into existence, is were the actual excitement lies. The uncertainty, the birth of something new, the movement and the dreams and visions are what draws us. 

Once a project is finished, it’s kind of dead. Old news. 


What are your favourite ways to get creative?

A friend of mine loves to cook, creating something that tastes great out of the forgotten stuff in the fridge. Another one learned how to transfer photos onto different surfaces, and is currently playing with this. 

Eva gets creative with her clothes, cutting parts off, adding parts on, wearing things differently than they are ‘supposed’ to be worn. 


What’s your thing? And are you allowing yourself to indulge in it?

If not, why not use this week to get back in touch with what wants to come through you?

Maybe you know exactly what you are called to do (start writing that book, sew a new dress, plant some spring flowers?). 

No idea? Then take yourself on an artist's date! The term comes from Julia Cameron's book 'The Artist's Way'. It basically means that you go on a fun play date by yourself. Visit a craft shop, or a museum, do some land art, find a new nail polish color or take up ice skating again.


Anything that sounds like fun and that you might judge as slightly frivolous.


Lots of love