Dreams, passion and money

dreams passion money

Do you have a passion that you would love to pursue full time? Maybe you love music, or write poetry, or are an artist. Often these things don't 'pay the rent'.

And yet I am meeting more and more people who decide to do what they love anyway. Even if it means not having money.


This got me thinking about what gets rewarded financially and what doesn’t, and why.


To be paid for what you do, you of course have to provide value to the marketplace. The more value you offer, the more money you will get.
When creating art this value is a lot more fluid and unpredictable than when you are, let's say, baking bread.

And artists are not the only ones who are contributing to society in ways that are often not tangible. There are also the people who are dreamers. And the ones are not quite connected to what is called ‘normal’. Who have some form of what is considered mental illness.

I am convinced that all of us are contributing through being who we are. And that the so called odd people are providing some sort of equilibrium, and are making life more interesting for all of us. Just like the artists do. But because this contribution is more collective and less specific being paid for it is challenging.

When I was in my teens and very much into meditation I couldn’t understand at first how monks meditating in some cave in the Himalayas could be of value to others. But of course everything is connected. And because we live in a vibrational universe, of course sending out peaceful vibes benefits everybody. And if you know you provide something of value, you can expect and allow value to flow back to you.

And this is an attitude that everybody can adopt who does something out of the norm. Every authentic expression uplifts us all, inspires us, and gives us all permission to also be authentic.

More on this in the video.



Lots of love