Doing what matters, daily

doing what matters

Here I am, in the dark, at quarter to 6 in the morning. Keeping my promise to write first thing, daily. Proud of myself despite the yawning.

Today’s message - How to show up

Of course you know how to do that. Everybody does, if they’re honest with themselves. But we don’t always do. It’s painful. It takes follow through. 

What really, really helps is to make showing up a non-negotiable. 

Meaning you just do it. 

You’ve decided that this is what it will take, for you. So you show up without questioning it every time. 

Takes a lot less energy this way…

I imagine going to a job is like this. You know you’ve gotta do it, so you do. No matter how you feel, no matter if it’s dark outside, or you’re tired, or it’s raining. 

You just do. 

Being there for your own dream can be the same. 

There is a lot of beauty in discipline. Although this is often an acquired taste, one whose value is seen only later in life. 

At least it was like this for me. There are some areas I have always been disciplined in:

Brushing my teeth, walking the dogs, keeping my place beautiful. 

Showing up as a mom. 

And now, finally, writing. 

Sitting my ass in the chair and putting my fingers on the keys and letting it flow. If it does flow. And if nothing flows then too. 


Because I am dedicated to what can be born through me. Leaving a legacy. Doing something that lasts longer than I do. Honing and shaping my craft, to allow the art to flow. 

Something in me knows that this is a worthwhile pursuit. And so here I sit.

I trust that, over time, it will get easier. Flow better. The sentences more elegant, the writing more fluid, the right words presenting themselves more eagerly.

And of course, that the channels unblock, and that the downloads I will get when I keep showing up for them are something that inspires, uplifts, heals, enlightens, brings comfort and truth and joy and hope. 

That I bring through great truths, and that ‘my’ people, the ones whose questions the message answers, the ones who called it forth, will find it and will read it and will love it. 

Will look forward to it, daily. 

Will use my words to change their own life. Use my own tenacity as a guiding light to what they themselves can also do.

Change their life, take charge, do the things they up ‘til now only occasionally dreamed of. Let their own message out. Sing their own song. Start becoming the realized version of all that they can be. 

How about you?

What is it you could show up for? What is shining through? Which gifts are there to be set free within? Why did you come?

What is your message?

What is your Calling?

You know already, and I guess you know the way there, too. Showing up for it. Making it a non-negotiable. Using discipline and trust and dedication. 

Do it, it is so SO worth it, even if nobody else ever sees or acknowledges or reads it. Your art WANTS to be born. 

And it wants to be born through you. 

This is why you came my love. 

And this is all you have to do to feel fulfilled. 

Get it DoneJutta Dobler