Creating your best year yet!

Creating your best year


2013 was the first year in which I intentionally and consciously set out to create a good year. 

Of course I had made New Year’s resolutions before. I started out enthusiastically in January with exercise and healthy eating and being nice and working to a schedule, and was back to my old way of doing things by February. There was not enough of an immediate pay-off to find the discipline to continue longer term. 


But at the end of 2012 I separated from my partner of 17 years, and I knew that i had to do something drastic to not go into total meltdown.


What I felt like doing was to stay in bed, pull my blanket over my head, eat chocolate and pizza and read trashy novels.

While this is really nice to do for a couple of days, it can become quite a vicious cycle. If you keep it up too long, it will start to suck the life out of you. While you are aware that none of this is helping, you are loaded up on carbs and sugar and romantic notions and self-pity, and getting out becomes more and more difficult. 


I know that because I went down this particular path on various occasions, and it never led anywhere even remotely pleasant. 

Plus, I had the strong urge to finally stir my own ship (meaning to just feel good again, no matter what my ex does or doesn't do). 


Basically, I wanted to be free. 

On an emotional level, and on a really practical level.

So I started to sit with my emotions. Letting the pain come up without resisting, feeling it fully. I would also move my body, doing yoga to sad music and again allowing all the feelings that were there to come up, moving through the pain, feeling my own physical strength in the middle of being open and vulnerable. 

Pretty quickly, I began to feel much better. Lighter, more empowered, clearer...


It was amazing how much energy this simple practice freed up. Try it whenever you are heart sore! It is quite scary in the beginning, but after sitting with whatever bothers you and allowing it to fully be there, you realise that who you are is so much bigger then what you are feeling. 


I then used all this energy to make concrete plans on how to achieve freedom on a more practical level.

I decided to take my business online. Up to this point, I had an in person practice, doing coaching and healing one-on-one with my clients. And while this was both beautiful and fulfilling, it also happened on the property I was still sharing with my ex. I craved the freedom to earn money without being bound to one place. 

So I muddled my way through creating an online business. I revamped my website. I had photos taken (total pet hate! Love being behind the camera so much more). I held my first webinar. And I put together my first online workshop. 


Because 'normal life' has seized to exist, it was much easier to expand my horizon and to think deeply about what would truly light me up. 


I realised that I would love to travel. I wanted to see Paris! I wanted to visit my parents in Germany. I wanted to connect with other women from around the world. And I wanted to discover the sacred in the ordinary, the wonder and beauty in every day life. 

By the end of 2013, my daughter and I had been to Paris twice. I had run and sold out my first online workshop, and my life had opened up in many different ways.

After realising just how much of an influence I have in how my life unfolds, I decided that 2014 would be an even more amazing year. 

And it so was!  

In 2014, I travelled to LA, Italy, Miami, and again to Paris. And my daughter and I moved to Berlin, after having been in Africa for 18 years. I was now also running a completely location independent business. 


Since then, I have been consciously intending and creating every new year. And it has become easier and easier to do.

Now I don't need drama and heartache anymore to allow myself to feel deeply and aim high.


A year can bring enormous changes.

You can turn your whole life around if this is what you desire. Your dreams don't have to stay just dreams forever.

The end of a year is always a great time for reflection, gratitude and preparation.


And this time around, the energy is especially potent:

2016 is a 9 universal year (2+0+1+6 = 9), and brings the end of a 9-year cycle. In 2017, we will begin a new cycle with a powerful 1 universal year (2+0+1+7 = 10 = 1).

With a combination of magic, conscious co-creation and discipline you can turn anything around. You can enjoy looking after yourself well, and bringing the best version of yourself forward. 

You can feel intensely alive, if you decide this is how you want to feel, and if you follow through on it.


For the first time, I am offering all I have learned and developed about creating your best year yet as an online course. 

Stop repeating the same old-same old year after year! 


Instead release and give thanks to the last 9-year cycle, find the gift it gave you, envision what is to come, and then consciously create it into being! 


Lots of love