Coaching and Healing Combo


We have all heard that our thoughts become things, and that this is how we create our reality.

But what if you don't believe that what you want is really meant for you?

Let’s say something you want hasn’t been manifesting for a long time, maybe years. This causes you to lose faith in it happening, which in turn makes it very unlikely that it ever will.


How do you get from here to a place of knowing that it’s yours?


You have to let go of the beliefs that it’s never gonna happen, that you don’t have what it takes, that you can’t have what you want, that there is something wrong with you…

Getting clear on which of these beliefs you are holding is the first step. This is often much easier to see for somebody who isn’t you :-). The way you talk, what you say and the assumptions you hold, all clearly advertise what you believe.


Once these beliefs are out in the open, we can work with them both on an energetic and on a logical level.


I have been working as a healer for 15 years, and can clearly see and balance energetic build-ups or leaks in your system.

And as a professional coach, I can help guide you to the point where you can see clearly how what you believe has shaped your reality, and help you to choose different beliefs.


Coaching and Healing sessions used in combination are a quick and powerful way to get into alignment.


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Lots of love