First clarity, then action


I've been fiddling with my website again. Sometimes I do that to avoid moving forward with my business, to avoid doing something I am scared about.


This time was different.


Recently, I had been attending a couple of networking events, and I realized that I couldn't actually clearly convey what it is that I do. 'Life coach' means precious little to most people, and when I went into more detail I started to confuse even myself.

So last week I cancelled all appointments and did some serious soul searching. Plus I answered about a hundred questions, about the why and the what and the how of my business.

It took a couple of days before I got clear.

What was so fascinating about this is that after I had clarity, it took me about 2 hours to re-write the content of my website.


Once you are clear, the execution is smooth. 


Especially in relation to the work that you do. Once you know your big 'why', things fall into place around that. You then know whom you want to work with, and you know what you want to offer. It's like a compass that guides you across the ocean.

Without your 'why', you feel adrift, and unsure of the direction you are going in.


So, why do you do what you do?


Here is a video about getting clear first and acting after, shot in the park. In it, I forget what a flight path is called, and little Lucy makes an appearance.



Lots of love