Can you see yourself?

can you see yourself?

You know how some people love kids and think they are so cute, while others consider them irritating brats?

Same with dogs. There’s dog people and there are others who just can’t relate.

Which always surprises me. How is it even possible to not like dogs?

Or kids.

Or other animals for that matter.

Or plants.

ALL plants!

The only thing that separates a flower from a weed is a judgment.

But I digress…

So, there are some people who look at something and think it’s gross or ugly or not valid, and others who look at the same thing and see its beauty and value, and are so in love with it. 

Where am I going with this?

I would like you to look at yourself.  

What do you see?

A beautiful, precious, stunning, exceptional, wonderful being?

Or someone who could and should do better? Someone who doesn’t live up to the bar you’ve set?

Someone who is too fat, too insecure, too lazy, too poor?

How about changing the perspective you look from?

How about deciding that, from now on, you are loving and gorgeous and bright and powerful and confident?!

You CAN decide that.

It’s how we create, through constantly making decisions. Constantly coming up with ideas about what something means, what something is. 

So please, decide right now that you are wonderful!

It just feels SO much better.

It makes the world brighter.

At the very least, it makes YOUR world brighter. 

And we all know that when you are ok, the people in your life feel better too. 

How you see yourself is but a choice.

Here are some things that you can choose to believe about yourself:

I am clear

I am confident

I am beautiful

I am rich

I am loving and kind and compassionate

I am fierce and courageous and hell yeah!

I am creative

I am at peace

I am in love

I am fit

I am healthy

I am radiant

I am powerful

I am free!

Take whatever works for you!

Who would you like to be?

Clear, purposeful creative?

A rich, hot, winner?

A loving, radiant beauty?

A powerful, confident leader?

Whatever you chose, re-affirm it daily. Get used to seeing yourself in this way.

Refer to yourself in these words, both in your internal dialogue, and out loud.

And then begin to act from this place.

Be YourselfJutta Dobler