How to bring in what you desire

bring in your desire


In this second week of the 100 Day Challenge, I've been doing a lot of clarifying. What is truly important? Where do I want to go? What is in my way?


While thinking about all this, one thing hit me: Whatever you decide to change, whatever you want to create, is instantly here the moment you conceive of it! 

The reason we don't see that is because in the early stages it is here on a vibrational level only. It hasn't yet turned into physical form. Since our planet is governed by time and space, it takes time for ideas to become tangible. It's like a seed you put in the ground. The whole plant is already present in the seed, but it needs time and the right conditions to grow. 

With seeds, we know that. We let them do their thing, water if necessary, and give them the time they need to grow. If we would 'check up on it' by digging it out every day to see if it REALLY is growing, we would keep on disrupting the process and nothing much could happen. 

It's the same with your desires, your dreams, your wishes, the things you want to create. 


KNOW that the moment you conceive of them, they exist in vibrational form.


And then let it do it's thing! Don't second guess, don't 'dig it up', don't notice the absence of it (because when you do that, you create a new reality in which your desire can't exist).

Instead, trust and provide the right environment. Which means staying open and connected to the feeling of what you want, and following your inner guidance.

Does it tell you to take a different way to the shop today?

Does it tell you to go to the meeting, the party, the exhibition opening?

Does it tell you to pass up on this seemingly great opportunity?

What are you inspired to do? 



Let's play with that over the next week!


Get a clear picture of something you would love to happen, and know that it has been birthed into being at this moment.

It is here.

KNOW that!


If you can think of what you desire and feel good, think of it often.

But if you feel doubtful whenever you think of it, rather just focus on feeling good in general without thinking of your actual desire.

Also, take some time every day to quiet your mind. Through meditation, through going for a walk, through listening to music...

When your mind is quiet, it's much easier to become aware of 'little hunches'. An inspiration to do something different. A person who pops into your mind that you haven't seen in a while. An idea for a project. 


As long as it feels exciting, it will bring you closer to your desire. Follow it! 


There is no need to plan out the HOW. When you stay present and follow universal guidance, it will lead you straight to what you want. 

Let me know what happens! I will report back on my own desire and how it turned out next week. 


Lots of love