What to do when you are really down


The first few weeks (and in some cases months) after a break-up can be like a roller coaster.

There are minutes, sometimes even hours, in which you feel fine, and then there are others when it all comes crashing down on you and it is difficult to breathe.


One thing that helps me so much during dark times is to walk. 


Go outside, no matter the weather, and wander around.


Why does that make you feel better?


First of all, you are moving your body. Which means the blood circulates better, you breath more deeply, and you feel more alive.


Next, you cannot help but take in OTHER things. Things that have nothing to do with your relationship ending. 

A tree beginning to flower. 

A car with a big scratch along the side - how did that happen?

The somewhat sad sight of a cat sitting behind a window. 

A plastic bag floating past in the river. 

The heartbreakingly beautiful sound of the old street musician playing the accordion.


Which means you are being distracted, for precious moments, from your broken heart.

So you feel better!


Plus, you realise that there is a big wide world out there in which your fate is neither known nor important. 


And for some strange reason, this is a great relief!


Here are some impressions from my own wanderings:


These images were taken in passing, while walking to feel better...

I am not currently heart-broken. But whenever something bothers me, when I feel discouraged or worried, or when I have been turning in circles for a while trying to find the right words for an article or workshop, I walk.


And it always helps!


Try it out and let us know. 


Lots of love