Getting back on track


Are you in a rut? Doing the same things every day? Talking with the same people, about the same stuff? 


There is nothing wrong with having a routine, as long as it serves you. But we often develop routines because they are the easiest things to do in the moment, not because they make us happy.

Withdrawing regularly from your day-to-day life to regroup, to find clarity, and to connect again with your values, your goals and the things that are truly important to you is so beneficial.

To do a mini retreat, find some time alone in a quiet place. You can do that for an hour once a week, or for a day in a month, or for two days every six months.

Do a brain dump, meditate, and then get really clear on what kind of life would make you happiest, and what is currently missing in your life. Come up with a plan on how you can move towards living your best life today.

And then implement!


More on this in the video:



Lots of love