All is you sublime

all is you


Endless loops

Fun sometimes but often empty

Hope sometimes but seldom plenty

Love sometimes but not enough


Endless spinning

Is that really


Repetition, effort, stuff?


What you see you are creating

What you feel you always find

Excuses, arguments, debating

Are just stories of your mind


Sit and breathe and let it be

Through surrendering you open

Through releasing you receive


Sit and breathe and let the beauty

Enter you



Fill yourself so wide so certain

Wonders miracles and awe

It’s all right there behind the curtain

You habitually draw


It’s there, it’s you, it’s always present

You are it at any time

The loop the stuff the dreams the grime

You feel it into being

All is you sublime


Loop or straighten

Swim or fly

Cry or dance or do

No more inner

No more outer

All that is

Is all that is

And all that is

Is you



PoemsJutta Dobler