An Alchemy reading experience

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This was sent to me by my client David after he received his Alchemy reading:


I've done tarot cards myself many times and have had energy readings before, but this time with Jutta was different: deeper, more on the nose, and with a surprisingly gentle yet powerful nod to help me heal a lot of stuff hiding in my blind spot. 


It started with a skype call. I shared a little about a conflict with a superior in one of the professional situations I found myself in. Being a healer and proud of knowing myself pretty well, I knew there was anger being stirred up and that this was a situation with more layers than what it seemed like on the surface. But of course, it is harder to see our own stuff most clearly, so I was grateful to reach out to Jutta for her eyes on this. 


Jutta listened well. She asked the right questions. She reflected and summarized to show me she got it accurately. It was a simple and brief encounter. 


I forgot about if for a few days. 


Then, I got this Inside Out Alchemy Reading. 


I was a bit skeptical. We had come to a common understanding. I was genuinely grateful for the understanding earlier. What else could it tell me, right? 


But, I was also super curious. In the middle of a family gathering, I started to read it. She first disarmed my ego with an invitation to take from it what I discerned to be most accurate ~ not to treat it as gospel. I felt even more compelled to take in now, so I stole away to read the document, like some ancient scroll, in a quiet room.  


As I beheld the spread, I felt instantly connected to the cards. But, when I started to read Jutta's reflections, it felt very intimate and real all of a sudden. She understood me, really deeply. She also understood this person in authority's real motives and strategy, and so many angles I had not been able to see of this complex situation. 


Wow! Was my response as I stared at the cards again and re-read her interpretations. This was a more fulsome and piercing type of knowing. She understood both sides and the cards lit up my mind about what I might be able to do about this conflict in ways that I had never imagined before. Where the scene was previously black and white for me, it was now richly coloured with my own anger (like a fire) and hurt (like blood), but also there was a rich blue swath of hope, the green and brown grounding of earth and support, and many more colours and perspectives. 


It's hard to convey the depth of something that was stuck and certain and perhaps two dimensional shifting towards something 3D or even more dynamic and real than that. That's what it was like to read the Alchemy Report. 


Later in the document, there were a few places where I made notes, "This might not be totally accurate... I already healed that..." but as I re-read it a few days later, those sections seemed to be calling me, kind of even haunting me a little. 


I felt more compelled inside to look at these layers of hurt or wounding as Jutta called them. 


I would have normally been racing past that, busy with life's demands, family nesting or creative projects. But this report captivated me. It's clarity and accuracy slowed my reactions down and bade me to look deeper and do something to help myself with it all.  


I woke earlier the next day and made space to listen and feel more. 


I brought curiosity and compassion to my gaze.  


The next day, I found myself reaching out to old friends and taking a spontaneous offer from a gifted colleague to receive some healing, on the house.


I had a profound experience, with no resistance, fear or confusion. I just went to the places the report reminded me to go. Painful places that held some power to revisit. I cleared up some guilt and some grief and released some rage. 


I feel released from a grip of these ghosts of the past. When I look at the situation now, I feel excited and liberated. There is no urgency to react. My eyes are wide open and I feel ready to respond, but also at ease and confident in myself to navigate through the tricky negotiations it will demand of me. 


I am left deeply grateful to Jutta for her taking the time and making herself so available to listen and write down what came to her. Some of cards and reflections appeared strange and not what we both imagined when we first spoke on the phone, but those potent symbols particularly opened up places in my mind and heart for insight to grow and healing to happen.


I am excited to know also that Jutta is offering such a gift to others. May it be as potent and revealing to those who dare to see more clearly and know themselves more deeply.  


David Jan Jurasek