The reality of going for your dream

Hello my darlings


The last couple of days were rather tough. Partly because of a personal issue, and partly because I went big time into survival mode.


This made me realize again how important it is to keep your vibration high all the time.


The moment I was a bit down, a lot of fears came rushing in.

‘How will I make this work?’ ‘Do I actually want to live here?’ ‘Is it the right decision?’ ‘What if it doesn’t work out?’ and so on and so on.

In this state, going into doing does not help at all. All you do once you are in survival mode will be rushed, panicked, and not of a high vibration. I do know that, so I went for long walks in the forest, and allowed what I did not want to feel to come up.


Contemplating in the forest....

Contemplating in the forest....

In my experience, really feeling painful emotions instead of pushing them away is the quickest way through.


And it was the same this time around. Yesterday, while walking, I started getting more inspired ideas. Ideas that feel exciting to execute instead of draining.

I had been thinking about what would inspire me when I read it, and what would be of value to you guys.

What I came up with is a new series.


I am calling it: ‘The reality of going for your dream’.


And what I will do is give you a real account on what it is like to make big changes. The up’s and the down’s , the hope and the despair, and the step by step way through it.

When you left behind what is comfortable and known, you also leave your system of reference behind. All the things you take for granted in your day-to-day life. The people you talk to regularly, that you know what the milk costs. That you know on which side of the road to drive. That you have your own space. That you function well in a known environment…

All of these things are not in place yet here in Germany. So it is pretty much a limbo state, which can be quite scary. But it is also filled with possibility.


So what I will do is post a lot more often, and take you with on the journey.


It will get more personal and less aloof, and it will get more real :-)

And hopefully, this will help you for your own changes you are aspiring to or have made already.


To start off, here is some pics of how I spent my Sunday.



At the public pool, with my daughter and her friend. I did some people watching, listened to inspirational talks on my ipod, swam many rounds, and told myself repeatedly that it is good to NOT work one day a week, even if I constantly feel I have to push on.


All in all a pretty good Sunday.



Lots of love to you, speak soon





By the way, the July Intensive Special is still running. If you want support with your own life changes, this is a great way to get started.

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