The 5 steps of deliberate creation

5 steps of creation

Look around you!

Really, look!

Anything you see, any plant, any animal, the sun, the earth, the moon, they all FIT. It’s all figured out, it all flows, it all functions, it all WORKS!

So why are we humans so often so confused?

So serious

So tense

So lost and so lonely and so without what we long for?

It’s not necessary darling.

You don’t have to fight, to suffer, to pay for who you are, and what you desire.

Get clear, turn within, and do what you came here to do:

Consciously, Deliberately Create!

Yes you fucking can!

It’s your purpose, its your calling, its your super power!

You get there first on the inside

- and then the world shifts around you and re-arranges itself!

Stop asking yourself how to get from here to there. In doing so, you keep on reaffirming that you are not there yet.

And then, guess what, you’re not there yet!

There is a place for strategies, and there definitely is a place for action, but you’ve gotta jump FIRST!

Be this person NOW.

The one who is on purpose. Who is confident. Who knows her way.

And please don’t ask again and again and again for the same things.

Every time you do, you make it clear to yourself that you’re not there yet, that there is a gap between you and where you want to go.

This gap doesn’t exist unless you put it there.

Like everything else in creation, all you have to do to find your place is to trust in your own inherently perfect nature

And then act from there!

If you would like a more structured approach, here is a video going step-by-step into what to do to bring in what you want:

Here is the link i speak about in the video

Sending you love