Taking risks

Hello darlings


This weeks’ video is about taking risks.

How do you know if a risk you are called to take is a great thing or completely mad?



In my opinion, your head cannot really tell you, because your head only has old data to base its decision on.


Here are three ways to find more clarity (or at least find the trust to do it anyway, even if you are not clear):


1.       Ask: Ask the universe for signs. And then pay attention. I did this last week, and I had three very clear signs within an hour. You can also draw tarot cards, or get an astrological reading, or open a book at a random page and read what it says.

2.       Observe: Start to take some actions that move you towards the scary, risky thing, and observe what happens. Do things fall into place? Or are there blocks in your path? Is it easy or difficult to move the risky thing forward?

3.       Sit quietly, take some deep breaths, center yourself, and then drop down into your body. Now imagine not taking the risk, and just observe how that feels in your body. Then let it go, take some breaths again, and imagine taking the risk. Again, become aware how you are feeling in your body.


All the signs I am getting are pretty positive, and yet I am still terrified of making a mistake :-).

But I guess this is part of every big life change.


Let me know in the comments how you handled something like this.

Did you take the risk or not?

And how did it turn out?


Lots of love