Crow powwow

Wherever I go there are crows.

In the morning they wake me with their calls.


Later, as I lean out of the kitchen window to watch my daughter ride to school on her longboard, bag hanging skew and hair flying, a crow startles me, taking off from the little rain roof underneath me with an annoyed cackle.


Then, in the park, I meet them again, tearing half a bun apart with powerful beaks, sitting in the trees, noisy, taking little hop flights to avoid children and dogs.  


These crows make me so happy. After so many years surrounded by animals, both wild and domestic, I now have a hole in my life where they used to live.

This is being filled with black and grey feathers, loud craws and continuous presence.


Finally I google them. Crow spirit animals are connected to magic, to change, ‘listen when you hear them’ I read.


So I start to listen. Earlier, I had been thinking about what to write, and then I thought of the crows, and then I heard a loud craw in the courtyard outside my window.


So here we go, a blog post about crows.


And nature, who is still there, in the middle of the city. And the connection that we all share, man and animal and plants and things. The atoms and the energy that floats about between us, no clear separation, magical bonds, heart strings being pulled.


You are always connected to anything you long for. It is always there. If you allow that thought in, the experience will follow.


It is getting dark now, the crows arrive on the big tree, collecting, crawing, and then they take-off to wherever crows go when it gets dark. But I know they will be back, and soon the ripple they cause will make its way over the internet and into your awareness.


Magic indeed.