Let's do this!


Would you like to come on a journey with me?


It is a journey of building a dream.


In 2014, I intend to build my online business to 5000 Euro a month, and to live an even better life filled with travel, wonderful people and beauty.


I know that I am not the only one who has this type of a vision.


I also know for how many years I have been sitting around, feeling sorry for myself, not getting clear, not getting focused, not taking action. Always thinking that there is a select group of people that can live the types of life I desire, and that I missed out on admission.

Well, I do not think that anymore. I know that each of us can build exactly the life we dream off. It might not necessarily always be easy, but it sure beats sitting around doing nothing.


From now on, I will move consistently into the direction of my dreams, and I am determined to reach them :-).


And I would like to take you with.


Through posting a step-by-step account of the things I am doing to grow, to up-level, and to create abundance. So that whoever wants to can follow along. So that you all see that it is not magic, but conviction and dedication and a little bit of fairy dust.


Every week, I will let you know what happened, and which steps I took, to keep you inspired and myself committed :-).


What I have done so far is build a website and a facebook page, developed a 5-week self-study workshop called ‘Live Your Destiny’, and a 12 week one-on-one coaching program based on the workshop.

I have sold the self-study workshop 16 times, mainly to clients of mine from Namibia (I have offered my clients a 50 % discount on the workshop).

I have also enrolled in a year-long coaching accreditation program (Gina DeVee's Academy).


Here in Namibia, I spent the last 12 years working as a healer and yoga teacher. I still love this work, but I want to become independent from a specific location, I want to travel, and I want to earn more than ‘just enough’.


I know that I will do this, and I know that if I can do it, you can do it!


So feel free to follow along.


Let’s rock our dream life!


Lots of love


Get it DoneJutta Dobler