Reversing time

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Sometimes the right book appears at the right time.

The one I stumbled across is called ‘On becoming an alchemist, a guide for the modern magician’ by Catherine Mac Coun.

Reading it feels more like remembering than getting new information, as if the knowledge she passes on has been sitting right there at the outside edges of my consciousness all along.

One of the wonderful things she writes about is cause and effect, and how we normally put the cause before the effect.


But there are actually times when time turns around, and when the effect comes before the cause.


Let’s say you have missed your flight. if i ask you why you missed it, you will come up with all kind of ‘how’ answers. How the alarm didn’t go off, how the traffic was so bad, etc.

If you then later hear that the plane you were supposed to be on has crashed, this immediately becomes the reason for missing your flight.

The future, in this case, shaped the past. The cause comes after the effect.


Catherine also gives an example from the bible. when Jesus heals a blind man. People ask him why the man was blind, if it was the sins of his fathers, or his own, that caused him to be born blind.

Jesus answers that the reason he was blind is so that he can be healed, Again using the future to explain the past.

Reading this, I had a small epiphany.


How about using the same principles in your own life?


This would instantaneously lift us out of victim mode and suffering and make life a whole lot more exciting!

If you for example have always struggled earning money doing what you love, why not know that you will quantum leap into creating abundance with your unique gift. The time you spent struggling financially had to happen so you can now help other people live the life of their dreams convincingly, as you did show that it can be done.

Or maybe you have cancer at the moment. how about you realize you had that cancer so you can heal yourself and pass on what you learned about doing it.

Or let's take another example Catherine gives in the book, of a woman who has been happily married and in love for the last 20 years. Before this marriage, she stayed for 35 years in a really bad marriage. Looking back she says she knows she had to stay with her first husband for so long, so she would be free to fall in love with her second husband when she met him. She says if she left earlier, she would have met somebody else she wouldn't have been so happy with.


For me, this is such an empowering view of life.


Through letting the solution explain the problem, the problem suddenly makes sense, and instead of a random universe we enter one of divine synchronicity.


Which is a much more beautiful place to live in!