On desire



Another video for you. This one is on success, and on desire, and how to make both happen.

The first step to living a beautiful life is to know what that means to you.

Find a desire, something that makes you feel good, that lights you up when you think of it. Something that has you jump out of bed in the morning.

And then nurture your desire so that it grows and becomes strong.

Nurture it until it is a non-negotiable, until you know without the shadow of a doubt that it is coming to you.

Desires do not get fulfilled by you thinking about them occasionally.

They need to burn bright.

Only then are they strong enough to burn through your conditioning, through your fears, through your doubt.
Only then do they have a chance of being realized.

And when you realize your desires you are also realizing who you are. You have a desire because it is you, it is God or spirit or nature or all-that-is expressing itself through you.

Follow your desires, they will lead you home!


Lots of love to you


Be YourselfJutta Dobler