What does it mean to have balance?



Today, my cat thinks that having balance is stroking her all day long :-).

And she has a point.


These last six weeks felt like my life all of a sudden got turbo charged, and I didn't do that much cat stroking.

Instead I launched, sold and created my first online program, and I learned so so much in the process.


Like that I sound a lot more German on the audios than in real life :-).

And that if you jump it will somehow work out.

And that it is such fun to be doing what you know you are here to do!


I also learned that having a balanced life can come in many different forms.

I had to push through with creating the workshop. That meant for the last weeks I was constantly busy with it, either writing or thinking about it or reading up on stuff.

I became quite anti-social. The only people that still got my full attention were my daughter and my one-on-one clients. I also wasn’t interested in going shopping, and I stayed away from my favorite blogs and websites.

And all this felt like exactly the right thing to do.


As creative beings, which we all are, there are times when a birth is due. And if you want to bring something big into the world, interrupting the process to do some 'life balancing' just doesn't work.

You can't put a time frame on passion. If something wants to come out, you have to give it your all, for as long as it takes.


And once it is done, you need to rest.

Not rush into the next project.

Not spend all your time doing admin, answering emails and catching up.


But realizing that it is now also time to breathe, and to just be.

You were completely immersed in something, and now you connect again with your surroundings. And with your interior world.

Slowing down.

Maybe even getting slightly bored.

Contemplating about the birth, and how you have changed because of it.



You need time to appreciate what you have accomplished, to potter about in the house, to remind your friends of what you look like, and to enjoy the freedom of more unstructured days.

Even if it feels uncomfortable in the beginning.

It will get easier quickly, and it is such a vital part so that you do not go into burn-out, but gather the energy and the seeds and the passion for the next birth, that will come when it is time.


Yesterday, I bought beautiful soft pink roses, hung up some Christmas baubles, and went to a party.

And this morning I re-connected with my house. Sitting on my favorite couch with my coffee and my cat, without the constant push in the back of my mind that there is still so much to do.

And I am finally writing a blog post again.


Somehow feels like coming home after a time of traveling.

Familiar and beautiful!


Re-charging for the next birth that is sure to come :-).


What does a balanced life look like for you?


A lovely Sunday to all of you



Be YourselfJutta Dobler