Be yourself!



The only purpose you have in this life is to become yourself, fully.

And there is no competition for that! So no need to get jealous, to hold back, to try to get ahead, to compare.


You are the only one who can ever be you!


Isn’t that freeing? And wonderful? And so so cool!


You know how to do that.


You can be yourself!


You can express yourself in that unique, off-center, heartfelt, overly emotional, wacky way only you have.

No, not everybody will like you for it. But that is ok. Your tribe, the people that resonate with the real you, can find you so much easier if you are not watered down.


Follow your heart, do what lights you up, express yourself fully. And out of that will grow what only you can give to the world!


We need you, sweetheart.


The whole packet.  You can be shy, introvert, struggling, unsure, low in confidence, and seemingly confused.


Just do it anyway.


The thing only you can do. The thing you came here to contribute.

The gorgeous, sparkling, magical part of God only you can bring.


You, fully realized, is a gift to the world!


Be YourselfJutta Dobler