It is Monday 12h30, and my schedule says: Write blog post. So this is what I am doing. And while I sit here thinking about what to write, it strikes me that all it takes to make that blog post happen is to just do it.

And that this is possible with everything in my life.


Very often, when I want something and I do not have it yet, I do not really believe that I can make it realize. It stays in some nebulous future. And there it can never manifest.

A typical example of that is experiencing financial abundance. It tends to be in the ‘one day’ wishful thinking category.

And it stays there not because you can’t have financial abundance, or because you have to wait for it, but because you keep it there.

You are a powerful creator.


If you decide you will experience having lots of money in the future, this is exactly what you create. The thing is just that you can never experience the future. You can always only experience this present moment.

And if you do not have financial abundance in this moment, you do not have it.

And if you do have financial abundance in this moment, you have it.

Because there is never anything else than this moment.


So what can you do right now to feel abundant?

Buy the organic strawberries that are 2 dollars more expensive but taste so much better? Go for a hair cut? Give 50 dollars to the guy in the street? Take a leisurely stroll through the market instead of running through the super market? Buy yourself some flowers? Have a cappuccino instead of a normal coffee, even if it costs more? (for a long time, I wouldn’t allow myself to do that).

Raise your wealth consciousness, starting where you are at.


In some small or big way, feel abundant now! Make it your new reality. And decide that you will no longer be available for experiencing lack. In none of your present moments.


Much love to you