Trusting the Universe

I used to be very big on making things happen.

While this was great in one way, it was also exhausting, because I felt that I had to do do do constantly, and that I had to stay in control.


Recently, my way of doing things has changed quite radically.


I allow things come to me now.

What that looks like in practice is that I have an idea (often a scarily big one), I get really clear if this is what I want, and then I let it go and observe.


Which means that I do not actively pursue, but that I allow for things to come to me.


It does not mean to not act.

Once an opportunity presents itself, you have to act on it.

But you do not have to go out looking for the opportunities.


This feels so much more peaceful and in the flow…


More in this week’s video:



Have a beautiful week!


Lots of love