Some questions to ask to find clarity


This week brought a lot of fiddling.


Fiddling with the website.

Fiddling with the workshop.

Re-working of parts of it.

Re-thinking of what it is that I stand for.

And what I want to offer.

Even fiddling with my yoga classes, questioning, re-evaluating.


I wasn’t too keen on any of this, but then I read an article about Mercury retrograde and realized that it is the perfect thing to do in these times.

Going deeper, looking what will be kept, and what will have to be transformed, or let go. Getting really clear on where you want to go.


Here are some questions that help me find clarity. They might be useful for you too:


1.       What do you desire?

Getting very clear on what it is you actually want is the first step to getting there. Without a place to go to, how will you know which road to take? So take some time and sit with this question. It can be something material that you would like, or it can be an internal state.

And put a time frame to it. Like what do I desire in this year? Or in the next 3 or 6 months? Without a date, desires tend to be put on the back burner when urgent things come up.

2.       What in you must change for you to reach your desire?

This can be a belief, like thinking that you are not deserving of things getting too good. Or it can be a skill you will have to learn. Or it can be making space in your life to accommodate whatever it is you want. Or it can be letting go of old resentments or attachments.

3.       What action steps can I take, every day, to move me closer to my desire?

Without action, not much will move. You have to take the opportunities the Universe presents you with. You have to make that phone call. You have to give the talk or write the program or send the email.

4.       Am I open to receiving?

Once you have done the other three steps, it is time to receive. Take everything you encounter as a pointer. Open up to miracles. Give thanks daily for having received your desire. Make it a non-negotiable and KNOW that it is on its way to you.


Have a wonderful week!


Lots of love

Get it DoneJutta Dobler