Finding the positive in negative beliefs



Negative beliefs create negative results in your reality.


So far, so (not so) good.

For a very long time now, I have been looking for and at my negative beliefs. Where they come from, how to release them, and so on.


And while this is kind of working, they were still present, popping up whenever I felt down or tired.


On the weekend, I suddenly remembered that everything that is happening in my life is happening for me, not to me. So this has to be true for the negative beliefs as well.

Looking at them in this way felt quite exciting. If they are for me, I have to belief that I am better off with the negative belief, than with the reality I say I want to create.

I than looked at what (in my mind) the negative consequences would be of living my dream. And I found some beliefs that made it crystal clear to me why I am not allowing the good stuff in in some areas of my life.


Try it out and let me know what comes up for you!


Lots of love