What my calendar normally looks like

What my calendar normally looks like


Two weeks ago, i started a year-long coaching certification program. It is split in two parts, one is the actual coaching know-how, and the other is business building, getting clear, healing your money story and creating a life and business that fit with who you want to be.

It is inspiring and exciting and challenging and a lot of work.


Up to now I could more or less wing my schedule. I gave yoga, had a client or two, drank some tea, stared into space, maybe wrote a blog post (or thought about writing a blog post and drank some more tea), surfed the web a bit; and then it was time to make lunch and be with my daughter.

The program takes about 15 hours of work every week, and now my ‘laissez fair’ approach doesn’t cut it anymore. I had promised myself at the beginning of the year that I would take Sunday and at least half of Saturday off, and now I had all that extra work and no real space to put it in.

So I had to start doing a schedule. 


This didn’t seem like a big deal at first. I just wrote down everything I wanted to fit in, and then tried to distribute it throughout the week.

But instead of fitting nicely, the things I wanted to do squeezed and shoved, pushing into my time with my daughter, into my sleeping time and out through the seams of the week.

That was quite an eye opener.


And it got me to sit down and get really serious about what is important to me.

Where do I want to be by the end of this year?

And what will support me in getting there?

And what do I have to have to feel happy, radiant, at peace?

Everything else had to go.


What was left now just fits into the week if I allow myself to delegate some of the things I routinely do (cleaning, doing the washing, fiddling with my website…).


This whole process feels somehow very grown-up. It is realizing that there is a limited amount of time available to us on this planet, and that if we want to do and experience specific things it is up to us to actually make them happen. No amount of dreaming and visualizing will get you there if you do not follow it up with action.

I did expect to feel restricted by working according to the schedule, but it is just the opposite.

I feel clear and free and on purpose, because I know that what I spend my time on creates the life I want to live.

All of a sudden I have a clear plan instead of a vague hope!


And that feels great.


The main things with doing a schedule like this, is that it is based in self-care. Enough sleep, exercise, time with your loved ones, time alone are the backbones of a happy life.

And then fill the rest of your time with activities that really move you towards your dream life, that are on purpose (and if you have a 'real' job, I guess that must fit in there somewhere to. But maybe not for much longer?).

And know that you now have a map that is leading you to the life you desire.


Much love


Get it DoneJutta Dobler