It's all your choice

For the last week or so, I have been waking up in the middle of the night with blobs of knowledge about something.

These blobs are not single thoughts, but fully formed concept that feel incredibly exciting and clear and true. They make perfect sense, and I am sure I will never forget them, and then I fall asleep again and in the morning I can't remember any of it.

So last night I wrote down what came up :-). Unfortunately I can't convey the feeling of clarity and rightness that comes with it. Hopefully some of it is still present in the translation:



Everything that occurs is neutral. There is nothing we have to do, or be, or think, or experience, or learn.

We have complete free choice in everything.

The things we do chose are what creates our reality. Or better, they determine what we perceive to be real. Whatever we chose to perceive to be real is what we experience. No other limit, no other rules.

You chose to believe it, you get it!

So if you don’t have money, it is because you chose to experience not having money.

I know this doesn’t seem logical. Why would you keep something away from yourself that you say you want?

And yet, you are either a creator, or you are a pawn.

And I chose to believe that I am a creator. This is than not something that only applies to selected areas of my life. Whatever is in my life is there because I created it.

So let's run with not having money, and let's look at it as something that you chose. Now you can examine that choice.

What is the pay-off? What is (in your belief system, and this is what counts here) better or safer in not having money than in having money?

We always chose what we believe is best for us.

So if you chose to not have money it is because this is what you think is best for you. Find the reason, find the belief, find out why you have it, decide that you chose to believe something else, and know that it is done.

Then behave just like somebody with the new belief would behave. Think like that person, do the things this person would do.

KNOW that you are a different person from the one who held the belief that she can’t have money.

And watch everything around you change, to reflect the new you back to you.

Well, really it doesn’t change, but you have moved to a new vibrational place. It’s like going from the bedroom the kitchen. It looks different because it is a different room.

You are now seeing a different frequency of reality.

Lots of love