Things to do in 2014

Home sweet home

Home sweet home

We are back in the ‚Land of the brave‘ (as the Namibians call their country). It is gorgeously hot, and when you walk barefoot outside, it feels like the earth will melt and suck you in.

I spent last week getting ready for the new working year. Making plans, setting goals, writing schedules. All of this dragged on a bit. I am not as joyously excited about work right now as I would like to be.

If you feel the same, here is a list that is more fun to write. It is inspired by Leonie Dawsons beautiful workbook:


Things to do in 2014


  1. Go on a week-long horse trip

  2. Sleep under the stars (somewhere in the desert, maybe during the horse trip?)

  3. Go somewhere by ship

  4. Invite friends for dinner (practice cooking first?)

  5. Kiss

  6. Kiss some more

  7. Ki.. ok, ok, moving on

  8. Learn to play the piano

  9. Refresh my forgotten French, and then go back to Paris

  10. Build a strong business foundation, this would ideally mean to have a team to do all the annoying things, like facebook updates. Anybody out there who wants a job?

  11. Love life

  12. Have finances/income sorted (another job opportunity!)

  13. Decide where to live

  14. Run my first day-long intensive

  15. Go to Copenhagen

  16. Feel great!

  17. Speak at a conference. A big one. Full of women

  18. Buy beautiful shoes (in Paris?) Yes, and in Copenhagen!

  19. Create another workshop

  20. Have a candle lit dinner (not cooked by me)

  21. Swim in the ocean

  22. Swim in another ocean, and then lie on the beach with sand between my toes

  23. Take beautiful pics

  24. Own only things I love

  25. Laugh lots!

  26. Have a special fun date with Eva every week

  27. Open up more to other people

  28. Be grateful, every day

  29. Be a better friend

  30. Go on a retreat

  31. Sponsor some kids

  32. Sort out all admin (job!)

  33. See lots of my parents

  34. Love life some more

  35. Find a home by the water

  36. Do something every day that moves me closer to my dreams

  37. Enjoy writing

  38. Meditate

  39. Hang fairy lights in the garden

  40. Breathe deeply and smile

  41. Look and feel great

  42. Swim with dolphins

  43. Shine

  44. Do not settle

  45. Be brave

  46. Get a good blender

  47. Buy a gorgeous handbag

  48. Have photos taken

  49. Sort out my business set-up (any lawyers or accountants out there?)

  50. Buy myself flowers every month. Or every week!

  51. Have regular massages

  52. Be generous and kind

  53. Make my daughter breakfast. It is her last day of holidays, and she says she will be starved by the time I get to a hundred, so I leave you with 53 things to do this year :-)


A beautiful day dear friends


Much love

Get it DoneJutta Dobler