Riding the tiger


Earlier this evening, during a remote healing,  ‘riding the tiger’ popped into my mind. It sounded like a wonderful thing to write a blog post about, even so I have no idea so far what it means.

But let’s just roll with it and see where it takes us.


First thing that comes up for me is the jungle. Tigers live in the jungle, so if you want to ride one, this is where you must go. The jungle is a fertile place. It is also dark and moist and a little bit scary.


And it is teaming with life.


Going to find a tiger to ride is very good if you are feeling rather dried out. Too much same-old same-old, too much caution and paying the bills and getting enough nutrients into the kids.

Tigers live in the moment. They don’t care much about planning, or about playing it safe.


They care about catching the scent and pricking their ears and following the trail, carefully, quietly, determinately. And then they care about pouncing, quickly and with accurate aim.


To ride the tiger, you have to be just like that. Get an inkling of an idea, a project, an intuitive nudge. Then stalk it, staying very focused, taking care not to chase it away by making too much unrelated noise.

And then pounce on it, get your jaws into it and make it happen!


Whatever you end up with will carry some of the vibrancy of the jungle, and the strength and beauty of the tiger.


Once you are done, join the tiger on that sunny spot in the clearing, and let the sun warm your pelt. Digest and enjoy.


Until the tiger twitches its nose, pricks its ears, stretches its legs, and catches an interesting whiff.


Time for another ride!

Get it DoneJutta Dobler