My surroundings at the moment are radically different from the ones in Namibia.


Walking through the forest today, this got me thinking about all the possibilities that are available to us in life. Whatever your taste or preference, our beautiful planet offers it. And not only in terms of nature, but also in the things you wish for and dream about.

Of course there are some limitations (it would be rather difficult for me to be a black male), but in general our desires correspond with what is available to us in this incarnation.


I know you probably heard that plenty of times before: You are the creator of your reality, and what you predominantly think about is what you will make happen.

With me, I thought I knew all about this, and yet I hardly ever applied it.


Not allowing doubt or fear or negativity room in my head felt a bit like a sacrilege, as if I would be pretending with no connection with reality. 

And yet there are all kinds of realities available to us. Whichever frequency you vibrate at, that is the reality you experience. And thinking happy thoughts, dwelling on things you want instead of things you do not want, bring you to a better place.


There is such incredible power and freedom in that! At least as long as we actually apply it :-).


How about trying it out, just for one day? No negative, critical, cynical, fear-based thoughts. Whenever you catch yourself having one of those, just let it go and think of something that makes you feel good instead.

After I did this, I was in awe of how good my life actually was despite of all the crap I thought about on a regular basis.


Time for a new reality! Will you meet me there?


Here some impressions from my (rather wet) walk:


To thinking happy thoughts!


Lots of love