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Coming into alignment and feeling good is the most powerful creative tool you have. The more you can stay aligned no matter the circumstances, the more miracles will occur.

This is something that always made sense to me, but that I only occasionally practiced.

Until some weeks ago when I had an extended period of alignment that set in motion all kind of wonderful manifestations.

Since then I have been consciously aligning every day, and little miracles are popping up left, right and center.


How do you align?

First of all, when you are in alignment you feel good. Which also means that when you feel good you are automatically in alignment!

Use this! Find things to feel good about all the time. 


Don't dwell on negative thoughts. The moment you become aware that you are thinking about something that makes you feel sad, heavy or angry, stop yourself! Yes, this is possible to do. You are not your thoughts. Don't allow them to take you over. 

Meditation helps with that. Sit, focus on your breathing, and when thoughts come up (which they will) just let them drift past. Don't attach to them. 

If you do that regularly you will realise that you are not your thoughts, and that you have to power to chose which thoughts you want to give your attention to. 


Adopt the mindset that 'Everything is always working out for me!'

You might not believe that just yet. Allow it to grow on you. Put physical reminders in places where you see them often (screensaver, on your fridge, at your bathroom mirror, set an alarm on your phone... ).

Regularly reminding yourself will keep this new thought present. Since your beliefs create what you experience, and since beliefs are just thoughts you keep thinking, you can 'implant' a new belief system by regularly thinking a new thought. And then you create a new reality!


Celebrate signs that you are in alignment!

When things are working out for you, consciously acknowledge it! Be happy  and thankful about it, and count all the ways life looked after you every evening. What you focus on grows!

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Lots of love