Miracles of conscious creating



The more invested and attached you are to a specific outcome, the more difficult it is to be on a frequency that allows you to draw it into your life with ease and grace.


Because if you really want something and it hasn't happened yet, you might have started to develop doubt. Maybe you are tense. You might be secretly afraid that it won't come. You might worry.

All this keeps you from allowing what you want into your experience. 

Instead, play with creating something that you don't feel strongly about. If you don't have a lot of resistance (because you don't care that much either way), it can manifest easily and quickly into your experience.


Once you truly know that it works, and that what you think about without resistance quickly materialises, you will be able to also allow things you are more invested in to come into your life.


Recently I took the train to visit my parents (an 8 hour journey) and used this time to practice manifesting little things. 

More on this in the video:



Lots of love