Just do it!

I am back from LA!


It was inspiring, beautiful, fun and very empowering!


And the number one thing I learned is:

You have to put yourself in the game!


You have to start moving!


How many times have you dreamed of a better life? Maybe something more exciting?

Or more abundant? Or more loving? Or more meaningful?


Dreams are important and great and fun, but if you do not add action to them, this is just what they will always be: dreams.


You gotta move girl! Or lady, or mister.

Just do it!

Right now, before you continue reading this!


Get yourself a pen and paper, close your eyes for a moment and just breathe into your body.

And then think of something that you really, really want.


And if you can’t think of anything, get in touch with your desires. They are the compass you can use to guide you through your life. If you do not know where you want to go, you will be led by other people’s expectations and dreams instead.

But hopefully, if you have followed this blog for a while, you know by now what it is you would like.

So, focus on that now. Feel and see yourself living and experiencing whatever it is you chose.


And now ask: What is the next step?

Write down whatever comes up, and then do it.




It will feel so good!

And once you have implemented this, ask again. And then do it.


All the while seeing and feeling yourself getting what you want. Keeping complete faith that it is yours’ already.

Repeat until you have reached your dream, and then go for the next one :-).


And if you have an off-day, if you feel like it is never going to happen, if you feel unmotivated and depressed, do something – anything – that will get you out of your funk and make you feel better.


Run with the dog.

Go for a walk.

Buy a new dress.

Meet a friend.

Go dancing.


Find out for yourself what always makes you feel good, what you need in your life for it to run smoothly.

Often we feel down because we get so busy that we do not do the things anymore that lift us up, that stabilize us and give us energy.

Here is some more info on that.


And if that all feels like too much to take on, just know that once you started moving it is so much easier to gain momentum. You will feel so much more inspired. You will have more energy and more fun!


And if you feel like you need support, get it.


But please please please start moving!


Otherwise you will still be in the same place a year from now, 5 years from now, on the day you die.


You have the courage and the clarity and the drive to live an extraordinary life!


Don’t let it go to waste.


Lots of love

Get it DoneJutta Dobler