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I am currently SO driven to get better at what I do, to dig deep, to leave a legacy…

While this sounds great (at least to me :-) ), the practice can be quite uncomfortable. It means showing up, daily. It means not giving in to moods, to feeling uninspired, to being distracted and unfocused.

As creatives and entrepreneurs, we don’t have a boss. We have to constantly self-motivate. To chose work over all the other possibilities that seem so much nicer in the short term.

But they do leave a bad taste. 


Even if it feels good in the moment to go for the instant gratification, you begin to lose respect for yourself. Which you then try to mask with further distractions. And pretty soon, nothing much will get done anymore…


I can say that because I have been there at various points in my life. Because of that, I also know what has to happen to get yourself out of it again. 


An old-fashioned, uncomfortable word: Discipline!


Yes, you have to show up for yourself. Create a routine. Stick to your word. Include the things you know you ‘should’ be doing, and then actually do them. 

Exercise. Daily engaging with your creativity. Daily marketing and admin. Meditation. Healthy eating. And so on.


It’s painful in the beginning. But give it a week or so and it will begin to feel so good! 


I am in the process of creating a workshop to help my clients with that. It will run first in person in Berlin in February, and later online, and there will also be a book. 

It’s called ‘The Seekers Journey’, and I am currently pouring all I have learned in my 30 years as a heart-centred entrepreneur and creative into it. After that first 'dump', it will be time for a lot of editing :-).

Plus, it won't just be my stuff in the course. Some pretty cool people who figured out how to actually earn a living doing what they love will be sharing their story! 

I keep you posted.


Lots of love




Stop thinking about how your work will be received!



After over 30 years working as a heart-centred business owner and creative, I know one thing for sure:

You can’t bring good work through and at the same time have some of your attention on how it will be received. Questions like: ‘Will it sell?’ have no place in the creation process. 


Yes, I know you have to eat. And pay rent. And buy books… 

There is a place for marketing and networking and getting yourself 'out there'. It has to happen if you want to earn money with your work.


But not while you are doing the actual creating. 

If you try to birth your vision while at the same time being concerned if others will like it, you are cutting yourself off from all that wants to come through that is bigger than you. You stay stuck in your head, in your fear of survival, in your ‘little you’.

And all that comes out comes from this place. 

It will then be so personal, so important, so connected to who we are, that if IT gets rejected, you think YOU are getting rejected. 

 If that happens often, you lose self confidence and begin to feel like a failure.

While this is understandable, it is also a slippery slope to becoming unproductive and miserable. 


If you ever want to ‘make it’ as an entrepreneur or an artist, you have have HAVE to become independent of what others think of you!


This is the number one requirement to bringing through authentic, powerful work. 


It is much better to have a menial job on the side that pays you something, than to adjust what you are making to become financially successful.

Because if you do, you first of all might lose yourself and your sense of who you are. 

And secondly, people will probably still not buy. 




For someone to want to buy from you, you have to touch a nerve within them. You have to make them feel! 

While this can be done in a manipulative way (see a lot of the advertisement we get bombarded with), this is generally not an option for a heart-centered person.


For you, the only way to make people feel is to be totally authentic. Being real transcends the outer layers of our experience. Our skin color, our age or gender or level of education. Our attractiveness. Our current life circumstances. 


If someone creates something truly authentic, you will be touched by it even if you don't speak her language or share her culture.

It will leave you changed in some way. 


THIS is what true honesty, true art, true alchemy, are all about.


And if you are a creative, this is what you are striving for, and this is the only thing that will satisfy you. Because then you know that you are fulfilling your purpose. 


And Nothing less will do!


Lots of love


How to re-align yourself

Version 2 (2).jpg


Every three months, I take a couple of hours to realign.

Am I still going in the right direction?

Am I on track?

How have I changed? 

What can I do differently?


When I started this practice it used to be a more left brained affair and was mostly about answering ‘serious’ questions. 

Nowadays I do something much more fun. 



Here is my process, spread out over a weekend:


Before beginning the actual soul searching, I clean.

Finding clarity and purpose is so much easier for me when my surroundings are ordered, clean and beautiful. I use the Saturday to get everything sorted and tidied, and to go to the farmers market for fresh fruit and veggies, beautiful flowers and lavender essential oil.


Saturday evening, I take a bath with a mix of epson salt, sea salt, baking powder and some of the lavender oil.

To do that, use about one cup of each of the salts, plus 2 teaspoons of baking powder, plus some drops of your favourite essential oil. Epson salt is great to clear the aura, and sea salt and baking powder pull toxins out of your body. Just be careful not to make the water too hot, and only bath for about 20 minutes. 


On Sunday morning, I make a green smoothie and a coffee, and then I draw three cards.

It doesn’t matter which kind of cards you use. It can be a tarot deck or an oracle one. 

The first card stands for the phase that you are coming out of.

The second card tells you about what’s coming up now.

The third card is something useful for you to know when moving forward. 


Draw your cards, turn them around one by one, and first have a look at what they tell you.

What colours are dominant?

What’s the atmosphere? 

Which thoughts come up for you?

What do the cards remind you of?

What does it mean to you?


I find it quite helpful to first get my own intuitive reading before (or instead) of looking up explanations in books. 


Next, I do a short guided meditation.

If you want to, you can download a recording I made for you:



After the meditation comes my favourite part: Going to the movies.

All of this happens in my mind. Through the meditation, I am centred and calm, and it's relatively easy to allow the scene to develop. 

It is a beautiful old fashioned movie theatre. I settle into the comfy red velvet chair,  see the curtain open, and then the show starts.

In the movie, I am the main character. This is the only fixed part. From there, I just let the story unfold as it wants to. Sometimes it starts before birth (even occasionally in another galaxy). Other times the opening scene is showing my current life. 

As much as possible, just observe what develops without getting your logical mind involved. If you're not used to doing something like this it might feel odd in the beginning. Trust the process, trust whatever you see, stay open and curious and enjoy the whole thing. 


Once the movie is done, write down what happened, and what that means to you. 

What insights did you get?

Do you understand what was shown to you?

If there are things that make no sense, you can draw another card to clarify, or go back to your movie theatre and watch some more. 


The last part of my realignment process is more structural.

Now that I got all this intuitive information, it's time to turn parts of it into action steps. 

Take whatever came up for you, and make it tangible. For example, one of the things that I saw was being very real about what's happening in my life, and being comfortable about it. 

How can I turn this 'vision' into concrete things to do?

The first thing I decided on is to write a daily 'What's really going on' email to my mastermind partner. In this way, I get used to being open and honest in writing to somebody else. 

Next, I decided to make my Instagram caption more real and meaningful.

And thirdly, I am thinking of bringing the 'Tales' section of the blog back and do once or twice a week a 'What's happening in our life' kind of post. 

All these steps will help implement what I saw in my movie.


Alright, now it's your turn to re-align! I would love to hear how it went!


Lots of love


An Alchemy reading experience

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 16.18.37.png


This was sent to me by my client David after he received his Alchemy reading:


I've done tarot cards myself many times and have had energy readings before, but this time with Jutta was different: deeper, more on the nose, and with a surprisingly gentle yet powerful nod to help me heal a lot of stuff hiding in my blind spot. 


It started with a skype call. I shared a little about a conflict with a superior in one of the professional situations I found myself in. Being a healer and proud of knowing myself pretty well, I knew there was anger being stirred up and that this was a situation with more layers than what it seemed like on the surface. But of course, it is harder to see our own stuff most clearly, so I was grateful to reach out to Jutta for her eyes on this. 


Jutta listened well. She asked the right questions. She reflected and summarized to show me she got it accurately. It was a simple and brief encounter. 


I forgot about if for a few days. 


Then, I got this Inside Out Alchemy Reading. 


I was a bit skeptical. We had come to a common understanding. I was genuinely grateful for the understanding earlier. What else could it tell me, right? 


But, I was also super curious. In the middle of a family gathering, I started to read it. She first disarmed my ego with an invitation to take from it what I discerned to be most accurate ~ not to treat it as gospel. I felt even more compelled to take in now, so I stole away to read the document, like some ancient scroll, in a quiet room.  


As I beheld the spread, I felt instantly connected to the cards. But, when I started to read Jutta's reflections, it felt very intimate and real all of a sudden. She understood me, really deeply. She also understood this person in authority's real motives and strategy, and so many angles I had not been able to see of this complex situation. 


Wow! Was my response as I stared at the cards again and re-read her interpretations. This was a more fulsome and piercing type of knowing. She understood both sides and the cards lit up my mind about what I might be able to do about this conflict in ways that I had never imagined before. Where the scene was previously black and white for me, it was now richly coloured with my own anger (like a fire) and hurt (like blood), but also there was a rich blue swath of hope, the green and brown grounding of earth and support, and many more colours and perspectives. 


It's hard to convey the depth of something that was stuck and certain and perhaps two dimensional shifting towards something 3D or even more dynamic and real than that. That's what it was like to read the Alchemy Report. 


Later in the document, there were a few places where I made notes, "This might not be totally accurate... I already healed that..." but as I re-read it a few days later, those sections seemed to be calling me, kind of even haunting me a little. 


I felt more compelled inside to look at these layers of hurt or wounding as Jutta called them. 


I would have normally been racing past that, busy with life's demands, family nesting or creative projects. But this report captivated me. It's clarity and accuracy slowed my reactions down and bade me to look deeper and do something to help myself with it all.  


I woke earlier the next day and made space to listen and feel more. 


I brought curiosity and compassion to my gaze.  


The next day, I found myself reaching out to old friends and taking a spontaneous offer from a gifted colleague to receive some healing, on the house.


I had a profound experience, with no resistance, fear or confusion. I just went to the places the report reminded me to go. Painful places that held some power to revisit. I cleared up some guilt and some grief and released some rage. 


I feel released from a grip of these ghosts of the past. When I look at the situation now, I feel excited and liberated. There is no urgency to react. My eyes are wide open and I feel ready to respond, but also at ease and confident in myself to navigate through the tricky negotiations it will demand of me. 


I am left deeply grateful to Jutta for her taking the time and making herself so available to listen and write down what came to her. Some of cards and reflections appeared strange and not what we both imagined when we first spoke on the phone, but those potent symbols particularly opened up places in my mind and heart for insight to grow and healing to happen.


I am excited to know also that Jutta is offering such a gift to others. May it be as potent and revealing to those who dare to see more clearly and know themselves more deeply.  


David Jan Jurasek




Who you are is perfect!



Whatever it is that you are called to do, you are perfectly equipped to make it happen!

There is no waste in the Universe or in nature. If you have a desire you also have the means to realise it, right here, right now.

This is something you will see once you trust it. Not 'Seeing is believing', but 'Believing is Seeing!'.

KNOW that you are perfect exactly as you are, and all the projects you are driven to do come with an audience attached.




Lots of love

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