Embracing Creativity

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Last week things were very busy. Visitors, lots of school stuff to sort out, and the most gorgeous sunshine which meant that my dog constantly wanted to be outside. 

Which is just a long-winded way of saying that I didn’t write a review post for the third week of the challenge.


So, what has been happening since my last post?


Not that much on a surface-level, manifested, in-your-face kind of way. 

BUT there are undercurrents. It feels like tectonic plates, slowly shifting. I know I’ve set stuff in motion, and it will speed up and disrupt the old and create a new world in my own personal Universe.

And that feels very exciting!


I also get a lot of little insights I maybe have always gotten, but am now paying more attention to. 

For example, I realised how I need projects. Creating things, building something, shaping my world…

In Namibia, this was so much easier to do. I had a huge playground, and I used it. Getting chickens, creating a veggie garden, renovating the house, changing colours on the inside and the outside, running workshops and meetings and yoga sessions, writing a blog for which I had to come up with regular DIY projects, going camping or on a road trip, crafting and baking and many many other things.

Here in Berlin we live in a small apartment. There isn’t that much scope for re-decorating (although, since last week, I have a moss green wall which looks very cool!). There is also no space to garden, or do meal prep (no freezer), or to have lots of animals. 

And yet, the urge to create is still there. 


With that, I suddenly understood why I keep on changing my website.

Re-writing, looking for different pics, changing the fonts and the colours, doing new graphics. It’s my (new, restricted) way of re-creating my environment!

This might not look like much to you, but for me it was a great ‘aha’, especially since I have been judging myself very harshly for this particular habit. 

And now I realise that I am not fickle and indecisive, I am just creative :).


Which feels much better! Since having had this realisation, I also allowed myself more ‘senseless’ (meaning non-income-producing little things, like experimenting with photography, and looking for (and finding) a pillow in the perfect mustard shade. 

This brings with it a nice feeling of lightness and expansion.


I do believe that as humans, the process of creating, of bringing something into existence, is were the actual excitement lies. The uncertainty, the birth of something new, the movement and the dreams and visions are what draws us. 

Once a project is finished, it’s kind of dead. Old news. 


What are your favourite ways to get creative?

A friend of mine loves to cook, creating something that tastes great out of the forgotten stuff in the fridge. Another one learned how to transfer photos onto different surfaces, and is currently playing with this. 

Eva gets creative with her clothes, cutting parts off, adding parts on, wearing things differently than they are ‘supposed’ to be worn. 


What’s your thing? And are you allowing yourself to indulge in it?

If not, why not use this week to get back in touch with what wants to come through you?

Maybe you know exactly what you are called to do (start writing that book, sew a new dress, plant some spring flowers?). 

No idea? Then take yourself on an artist's date! The term comes from Julia Cameron's book 'The Artist's Way'. It basically means that you go on a fun play date by yourself. Visit a craft shop, or a museum, do some land art, find a new nail polish color or take up ice skating again.


Anything that sounds like fun and that you might judge as slightly frivolous.


Lots of love


How to bring in what you desire



In this second week of the 100 Day Challenge, I've been doing a lot of clarifying. What is truly important? Where do I want to go? What is in my way?


While thinking about all this, one thing hit me: Whatever you decide to change, whatever you want to create, is instantly here the moment you conceive of it! 

The reason we don't see that is because in the early stages it is here on a vibrational level only. It hasn't yet turned into physical form. Since our planet is governed by time and space, it takes time for ideas to become tangible. It's like a seed you put in the ground. The whole plant is already present in the seed, but it needs time and the right conditions to grow. 

With seeds, we know that. We let them do their thing, water if necessary, and give them the time they need to grow. If we would 'check up on it' by digging it out every day to see if it REALLY is growing, we would keep on disrupting the process and nothing much could happen. 

It's the same with your desires, your dreams, your wishes, the things you want to create. 


KNOW that the moment you conceive of them, they exist in vibrational form.


And then let it do it's thing! Don't second guess, don't 'dig it up', don't notice the absence of it (because when you do that, you create a new reality in which your desire can't exist).

Instead, trust and provide the right environment. Which means staying open and connected to the feeling of what you want, and following your inner guidance.

Does it tell you to take a different way to the shop today?

Does it tell you to go to the meeting, the party, the exhibition opening?

Does it tell you to pass up on this seemingly great opportunity?

What are you inspired to do? 



Let's play with that over the next week!


Get a clear picture of something you would love to happen, and know that it has been birthed into being at this moment.

It is here.

KNOW that!


If you can think of what you desire and feel good, think of it often.

But if you feel doubtful whenever you think of it, rather just focus on feeling good in general without thinking of your actual desire.

Also, take some time every day to quiet your mind. Through meditation, through going for a walk, through listening to music...

When your mind is quiet, it's much easier to become aware of 'little hunches'. An inspiration to do something different. A person who pops into your mind that you haven't seen in a while. An idea for a project. 


As long as it feels exciting, it will bring you closer to your desire. Follow it! 


There is no need to plan out the HOW. When you stay present and follow universal guidance, it will lead you straight to what you want. 

Let me know what happens! I will report back on my own desire and how it turned out next week. 


Lots of love


Taking a real decision

 In our hotel room in Hamburg. Since traveling a lot more is part of the challenge, we got started right away :).


A week has passed since I started the 100 Day Challenge to more joy, more income and creative success. 

It’s been nothing like I expected. 

On the day after deciding to do this, I got sick. For the first time in 23 years.


1995 I was sitting at the pier in Lüderitz, waiting to be picked up by a helicopter that was to fly me to a diamond ship run by De Beers. I had the flu, and instead of excitement about the adventure ahead I just wanted to go back to bed. This annoyed me so much that I decided there and then to never get the flu again. 

And it worked, until last week….


While this might seem coincidental to some, to me it’s certainly not. I think I got the flu now to remind me of the attitude required to create real change. 


True change needs a very clear decision. A no-matter-what attitude.

No back doors, no maybe’s. Like Captain Hernán Cortés. In 1519 he and his men landed in Veracruz to begin their conquest. Once they had arrived, he ordered to destroy their ships.

Which meant that if they didn't win they would die. Retreat was no longer possible. 


My decision to do the 100 Day Challenge had nothing of that fervour.

On the surface, this also seems unnecessary. But I do know that some of the beliefs I carry need exactly this clear cut dedication if I ever want to change them.

And something is stopping me from going there. It feels like it would mean to surrender my identity...


I kept writing a lot more after this that I haven't included in this post. It's rambling and personal, and it took a while to get out. Which is also why the review comes a day later than planned. But it did help me to unravel a whole lot of old beliefs. 


As a result of doing this, I can say now say with clarity and certainty that by May 10th, I will have reached the goals I set for myself.

It feels like i arrived at the crossroads and I finally chose freedom!


I will keep you posted on what happens from here onwards.

I know that it will be fast, and it will be interesting. Once a true decision has been made, the Universe moves with speed :). 

I can't wait!


Lots of love


Take back your life!



February 1st 2018 - May 10th 2018


Nobody is going to come to save me. If I want a different life, I have to create it for myself.


For what feels like a very long time i have been dwindling in limbo land. Not too bad, not too good, not too motivated, not too joyful... 


The danger about this state is that it's so easy to get used to. It is so often considered 'normal', which can make it difficult to want more without feeling ungrateful or unrealistic.

I am all for counting my blessings and being grateful.

But I'm also in urgent need of a life overhaul. Time to tackle all these things I KNOW I need to change to feel fully alive again! Time to find my way back to joy. If you have let things slide, becoming disciplined is often necessary to get there. 


It might be a cliche, but life really is too precious to be lived half-assed! 


And so, under the influence of the current Leo full (and blue) moon, I am committing to change things around.

(It makes me pretty nervous writing this. Do I REALLY want to get out of my comfort zone? After all, things are not so bad. Just a bit vanilla. Which is the kind of thinking that kept me in this place for far longer than I care to admit...)

This is also why you are reading this post. Public announcements do wonders for keeping me accountable. Plus, I would love to have some company on this journey :).

So please join me! Let's get out of the funk together!


There will be daily updates on Instagram, and a weekly, honest (meaning I let you know how it’s going even if it’s not going well....) review on the blog. 

If you want to take part, comment on Instagram. You can use the hashtag #tbyl100.



How to do this


to get started, look at your life the way it is now. 

What don’t you like about it?

What do you know you ‘should’ change?

What do you want to change?


For me, there are 4 areas I would like to infuse with joy, radiance and good energy: 


1. My physical body.

I am currently coming out of a long period of slacking. Not enough green stuff. Too much pasta, bread and pizza. Too many sweet things. 

Plus, no exercise. So it's safe to say that I'm not in the best of shape. And that affects everything. My energy levels. The way I feel. The way I look. 

Time to change it up!

From now on, I will eat a lot healthier. I will start my mornings with a lemon water, followed by a green smoothie. There will be fruit until lunchtime, some protein and good fat (eggs, avocado etc) at midday, an apple with nut butter in the afternoon, and a veggie salad with quinoa or lentils in the evening. Or variations of these things of course. 

Plus, half an hour of exercise a day (I will start off with '21 Days to Phenomenal Abdominals', a Daily Om course by Jannine Murray. Much easier to get back to moving my body with an instructor, even if it's a virtual one :) ). 

This will be a daily new habit to get into, but I’ve done it before and it shouldn’t be too difficult, apart from the evenings which currently are filled with Netflix, red wine and snacks...


2 + 3. My finances and my creativity

These two go together, because I want to earn my money through creative expression. I really, really had it with just getting by financially with nothing left over to travel and do other fun stuff.

Over the next 100 days, I will treat my creative endeavours like a business. No more constant creating without any marketing. 

Instead, I will create something I am truly proud of (The 'Seekers Journey', more on this soon). I know I could just market some 'old' stuff, but this doesn't inspire me at all. Once I am done, I will find (and actually DO!) marketing options that work and feel good to me instead of sleazy and fake. Kind of (nervously) looking forward to that one :).


4. have more fun!

I want to feel more light and radiant and adventurous and excited. I want to dress up more. Go out more. Meet more interesting people and have more interesting conversations. And I definitely want to travel a lot more!



To some that all up and make it 'actionable': 


For the next 100 days, I will eat well and exercise for at least 5 days a week. 

I will create something I am proud of that also brings in an income. By the end of the 100 days, it will be finished, I will have developed a solid marketing strategy, and it will have brought in at least 2000 Euro with it. I will keep you posted...

I am going to travel to 5 different places over the next 100 days (yeah!).

I am going to make an effort to dress up and to look good! Just because it's fun to do, and I know I feel better then.

And I am going to reach out to one new person I find interesting every week, either online or in ‘real life’. 

Cold sweat with that last one…


But I will do it anyway!


And now over to you. What do you commit to?


Over the next couple of days, I will share my attempts and methods of getting into these new habits on Instagram. Not sure yet myself how to best do that. Journaling? A calendar? A vision board? Meditation? All of those?

And next Wednesday the first review post will come out.


Quite frankly, I am nervous about this, and my lazy side is trying hard to forget about all this and to NOT hit 'publish' on this post...  


Which I am ignoring. After all, who is in charge here? (I can hear some sarcastic chuckle writing that one..).


Please Join me. Let's take back the reigns and create a joyful life!



Lots of love


What does it take?



Hi loves


I am currently SO driven to get better at what I do, to dig deep, to leave a legacy…

While this sounds great (at least to me :-) ), the practice can be quite uncomfortable. It means showing up, daily. It means not giving in to moods, to feeling uninspired, to being distracted and unfocused.

As creatives and entrepreneurs, we don’t have a boss. We have to constantly self-motivate. To chose work over all the other possibilities that seem so much nicer in the short term.

But they do leave a bad taste. 


Even if it feels good in the moment to go for the instant gratification, you begin to lose respect for yourself. Which you then try to mask with further distractions. And pretty soon, nothing much will get done anymore…


I can say that because I have been there at various points in my life. Because of that, I also know what has to happen to get yourself out of it again. 


An old-fashioned, uncomfortable word: Discipline!


Yes, you have to show up for yourself. Create a routine. Stick to your word. Include the things you know you ‘should’ be doing, and then actually do them. 

Exercise. Daily engaging with your creativity. Daily marketing and admin. Meditation. Healthy eating. And so on.


It’s painful in the beginning. But give it a week or so and it will begin to feel so good! 


Lots of love




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