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WEEK 2 - Day 12

Changing your beliefs


Today’s session has again the little green lemniscate because finding and changing limiting beliefs is an ongoing thing, not something you do once and are done with.

So whenever you become aware of another crappy belief you hold, go through the process and change it.

For today, you will need the 3 - 5 limiting beliefs you distilled down in Day 10.

Are you ready to let them go?



Then we need new beliefs that can take the place of the ones you want to release. Otherwise you create a vacuum that will very quickly fill up again through the path of least resistance, aka through doing what you have always done.

In this case, it means going back to your old beliefs. 

So, let's find you new ones!


If you have difficulties with this, you can start by turning your old belief around. For example, if the belief is:


Money is difficult to get

you turn it into

Money is easy to get


Then tweak it until it makes you feel sparkly and light:


For example

Money loves me and flows to me daily.


I earn lots of money easily and joyfully.


Then do the same thing with the other beliefs you’ve identified as most limiting.


Then write the old beliefs and the new beliefs on a separate sheet of paper.


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Got this? Then we will go on an adventure…

The audio below is a guided meditation that takes you on a powerful belief-changing journey!

You will need one of the beliefs you want to change, and the new belief you want to change it into. You’ll also need about 15 minutes of uninterrupted time.

And in case you prefer to go on this journey without being guided, here is the transcript of the process for you to download.


Now that you've done the journey, write down which old belief you released, what your new belief is, and what you saw.

You can also add a physical reminder of your new belief. For example, I have three dots on one of my fingers, reminding me of the three new beliefs I have adopted:


belief changing process


You can repeat this journey whenever you have uncovered another potent limiting belief.

This brings us to the end of Week 2. Use the weekend to catch up, integrate, and check in:

What was easy for you?

What was difficult?

How do you feel?

Did you do the action steps?

If not, why not?

Also, if not, do them over the next two days! 

This stuff truly works. But only if you actually do it!