WEEK 6 - Day 38

Moving the needle


Today, I would like you to write down the different areas in your life that are really important to you.

Here is an example of my list to get you going:



My Work

Health & Fitness



Now go through each category, and ask yourself:

What are the top 2 or 3 things to do in these areas to get the results you want?

Again, here is my own list as an example:


Daily connecting with my soul/core/higher self through journaling.

Daily connecting through meditation.

Relationship (I use my relationship with my daughter as an example):

Daily meal with my daughter where we talk about our day, and check in with each other.

Once a week we do something special, just the two of us. This can be go to a museum, it can be a trip to a different city, it can be going to the movies or to a spa.

My work:

Daily writing, aka connecting to my soul (see Alignment) and then letting flow whatever wants to come through this day.

Publish the daily message (as an email, or on fb or Instagram) and add a call to action, aka daily sales activity.

Health & Fitness:

Eating healthily (lots of veggies, few white flour, milk products, sugar or alcohol).

Daily exercise (mix of cardio, yoga and weight training).


Daily tracking of my money.

Daily mindset work (affirmations, reading books about wealth consciousness, immersing myself in a ‘rich’ environment…)


A two or three day long trip once a month.

Weekend excursions in my own city.

Once you know what truly gets you the results you want and makes the biggest difference, your life becomes simple.

This is all you need to focus on to be aligned and on purpose!


  • In the main areas of your life (relationships, health, fitness, business, finances, spirituality, fun….) decide on the two or three main things that truly move the needle, and commit to doing those, first or only.