Week 6 - Day 37

Fear or Love?


today, we will begin to work with your list.

Go through each item, and see how it feels in your body. Is it expanding you, or are you contracting?

Meaning do you want to do it or not?

And are you coming from fear or love and alignment?

Allow yourself to be honest. Just because you could do something, just because you might be good at it, just because everybody else is doing it, doesn’t mean YOU should be doing it.

Does it feel aligned?

Does it fit into your big vision?

Does it further your Calling?

There are probably some things on your list you don’t really want to do in the moment, but that are clearly aligned with your overall vision. Exercising is an example for many people. So is eating healthily.

If you truly turn within, you’ll know that these things are good for you.

With other stuff, it’s not so easy to get a clear-cut answer that is right for everybody.

Yes, basically all the experts tell you to have a Facebook group. Or to post daily. Or to build a mailing list. Or to ask your audience what they want to learn from you.

But is that truly right for YOU?

Is it in alignment with your soul business, with what you know deep within you are meant to be doing?

Sometimes you would like the outcome (earning lots of money doing your soul work), but does what you supposedly need to do to get there feel right for you?

If in doubt, always ask your body. Imagine yourself doing the thing, and see how your body feels.

Expanding = YES!

Withdrawing = NO!

And trust whatever comes up!

Through regularly tuning in you can avoid FOMO, shiny object syndrome, and fits of jealousy or remorse.

Once you decided on what is out of alignment, or comes from fear, delete it!

I know this can feel like a scary thing to do.

But coming from fear will never get you to where you want to go!

To be truly happy and fulfilled, you’ve gotta build a life that fits who YOU are. And the best way to get there is to only do things that are aligned with your soul.

Everything else will drain your energy, water you down, and make you feel like there is something missing in your life.

So have the courage to follow through, and to let go of what doesn’t light you up!


  • Go through the list and delete anything from your list and your life that doesn’t make you feel expansive! And if you think you can’t delete it right now, delegate it, do it differently, or accept that it’s needed to fulfil your calling, and do it joyfully from now on.