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As creatives, we can use many avenues to connect with what wants to be born through us. 



An Alchemy Report is one such way.


It combines:

An outside perspective of where you are currently at

Messages for you to ponder

An energetic shift back into a state of flow

Some beautifully on point woo woo and some totally logical action steps. 


These reports are great for 'Why' and 'What' type questions.


'Why am I stuck?'

'What am I not seeing?'

'What does my work need?'

'Who do I need to be to birth it?'


This is not the prediction of future events, so please don't ask me when you will be able to live off your work.


Instead we can explore why you are not earning enough income:

Are you not allowing yourself to receive?

Is there some fear that is holding you back?

Do you believe that you are not worthy?

Are you doing the work? 



I feel like a new man

Reading your words in the report makes me feel deeply seen and understood and spurs a lot of introspection about what to do next, as well validating where I am. 

I awoke early today, took stock of my core needs and unresolved wounds (writing it all out first) and then I did some deep healing on the things you mentioned in the report. Now, I feel like a new man... more fulfilled and satisfied inside in ways that I was longing for for a long time.


David J. Jurasek (read David's full testimonial here)

How does it work?


As mentioned above, these reports are not fortune telling. Instead I combine my life-long love affair with the tarot and my 15 years of experience as an energy healer and intuitive to give you a clearer view on your current situation or challenge. 


The Steps:

1. Begin by filling in the short questionnaire. 

2. Pay below

3. I contact you within the next day, and we hop on Skype for 10 - 15 minutes to clarify what you are looking for

4. Your report will be in your inbox within 5 working days of our call. 



Alchemy Report

Euro 150

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