The Alchemist's Academy



It's time my love

Step out of the shadows and into your destiny



As an Alchemist you have a responsibility to become a beacon of light for people looking for transformation.


You also have a responsibility to fully embrace your humaness and enjoy your life on earth! 

This includes being wealthy, and experiencing all the joys and pleasures of being an embodied spirit. 


Enough of the penny pinching, frustration and self-doubt that comes with doing all you know how to do, and still not getting a consistent flow of clients and money. 




'The ALCHEMIST'S ACADEMY' takes you step-by-step through the foundational work that has to happen, no matter if you are just starting out or have been in business for some years.


If you are wishy-washy about the What, How and Who of your business, all the other things you do (blogging, social media, webinars, discovery calls, joint ventures, speaking gigs, online courses, Facebook ads, and so on and so on... ) will be just busy work without much of a tangible outcome. 


And if you don't have a positive outlook, self-belief and a strong mental attitude that helps you to move through challenges and set-backs, building a successful business you love will be very difficult. 


Both Magic and a Plan are needed to create your legacy!


The 'Alchemist's Academy' Beta Version



In the Alchemist's Academy, we will journey together for 6 weeks.


We will remember, learn, connect and accept our gifts and our legacy. 

And we will put some strong foundations under your business!



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The Curriculum


Week 1 - Setting the stage


All the tools you need to build a strong, internal foundation. 

Routines and Rituals, Self belief, Trust in your Calling, the Universal Laws, Healing and Meditation are all part of the first week's curriculum. 

Week 2 - Envisioning


Connect with your soul and align with your legacy.

In week 2 you connect with your soul and get totally clear on why you actually came this time around, how that can be expressed in your business, and where it can lead.

Week 3 - The Core of your Work


In Week 3 we find what is at the core of all you do through looking at your life story, your beliefs, what you have been prepared for, what you value and what drives you.

And once you have your core, we decide on the problem you can solve with it.

Week 4 - Your message, your people, your offer


Now you have clarity on the problem you solve, let’s put it into a clear message, and decide whom you want to serve.

Who is your tribe?

And what can you offer them?

Week 5 - Beauty


Week 5 is all about your brand. Learn the most important thing you need to be able to attract people to your vision. 

Decide on colors and fonts and styles, and create a brand board.

Plus, make sure that everything you will put out is both beautiful and congruent with your brand. 

Week 6 - The Journey


Now that you have your basics in place, we look at the journey your people are going to take.

How do they first hear from you?

What happens next?

What do you ultimately want them to do, and how do you get them to do just that?

Also, how will your business make money?

In Week 6, we create a plan for the next year in your business, and especially flash it out for the next 3 months, so that you know what to do every day from now on.


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How does it work?


Each week we will have a live group call, and plenty of materials to work through. Video, audio, workbooks, cheat-sheets...



The 'Alchemists Academy' will run live for the first time in september 2018


I am currently looking for beta testers, meaning Alchemist's who would like to participate in the first run-through for a low rate in exchange for feedback.



Then sign up below and I'll send you more info as soon as it's finalised. 

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