An overview of the journey ahead



1.    Alpha Lake

This beautiful lake is the starting point of our adventure. Here you will meet your fellow travelers and get equipped with the tools you’ll be using on the Calling Quest. You will also find your mastermind partner.


2.    The Haunted Hills

Despite the name, these hills are actually a friendly place. And perfect to create both internal and external space and leave behind what doesn't serve you any longer. The journey ahead will be so much easier without the access baggage, and you will feel clearer and relieved. 


3.    The fire of the phoenix

The sacred Fire of the Phoenix teaches you to work with your intuition, connect to your spirit guide and give yourself permission to be reborn. Then you will be lead through a powerful ceremony. This will lay the foundation to building a business that aligns perfectly with your calling.


4. The Magic Dunes

In the majestic space of this beautiful desert you get to know three powerful laws of the Universe: The Law of Attraction, the Law of Deliberate Creation, and the Law of Allowing. And you will learn how to best apply them consciously!


5.    Peachy beach

This is a lovely place to take stock. What is still with you after the release of the Haunted Hills and the powerful Fire of the Phoenix? Whatever you brought with you to the soft sands of Peachy Beach will likely be with you for life. Bring your values, your core desired feelings and your mission out into the open and honour them!


6.    Aladina's cave

The basis of living a wonderful life is that you love yourself. And that you feel you deserve the treasures life has in store for you. Aladina's wondrous cave will teach you how to open up to receiving on all levels. Reset your abundance mindset and let the good stuff in!


7.    Visionary mountain

Wow! The views from this mountain are spectacular! Now that you opened up to letting money and abundance in, it is time to dream. Visionary mountain is the place to envision your wildest dreams. Find total clarity on where you want to go with your life and business.


8. the trees of trust

Entering this age-old forest is a breath-taking experience. The beautiful trees will help you see what is standing in your way. You learn to trust yourself and your desire, and you find your personal 'Big Five' to ease the journey ahead.


9.    The Plains of plans

These soft rolling hills are the birthplace of many great plans! On the way across the plains you will create a very personal road map, leading you step-by-step to the business of your dreams. Taking inspired action while being supported is the credo of the plains.


10.     Freedom Portal

You are on your way to independence, freedom and a life and business you truly love! At Freedom Portal, we will create a physical reminder of your new life, bask in gratitude, and have a powerful permission ceremony. And then it's onward and upwards from here, following the map you have created!

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