WEEK 3 - Day 18

ACtion - Part 1


Today, we will start to look at the action part of conscious creation.

But before we DO anything, I would like to remind you that it’s your MINDSET that is most important!

If you consistently work on your mindset, and see and feel and believe yourself to be the person you want to be, you will become this person even if you don’t take a lot of action. You will turn into her, from the inside out!

On the other hand, if you do a lot of stuff but don’t really believe that it will work, you’re in for a rough ride.

Sooner or later, you are going to proof yourself right. A strong belief will always ‘win’ over taking action, no matter how much you try to make things happen.

Yes of course, taking action is important.

Mainly also because this is who we are. We love to move. We love to do things. It’s one of the perks of living on this planet, in this tangible ‘see it’, ‘hear it’ ‘touch it’ reality. 

But the only kind of action that truly has an effect is aligned action. 

Meaning action that flows naturally out of the things you believe and know to be true. 


To give you an example, think about the core beliefs we spoke about yesterday:

Me believing that I always find a beautiful place to live results in specific actions. 

Because I firmly believe this to be true, I flow with things.

There is no pushing. 

There is no stress. 

If I feel called to do something I do it.

If I see an ad that I like I answer it. 

And if I don’t get a particular place I know that’s ok too, because everything that happens is always for me. 

Can you see how much less stress you have in your life if you take this approach, and truly embrace this belief? 

Everything becomes more relaxed And more fun! 

here are some additional beliefs you could make your own (by turning ‘you’ into ‘I’):

What you seek is seeking you (Rumi).

Nothing that is yours can be taken away from you (not sure who said this). 

It doesn’t matter if your ship has sailed, there will always be another ship (Abraham Hicks).

so, aligned actions are the best ones to take.

But how do you find out what is aligned?

Through doing the things we’ve spoken about throughout this course:

  • Journal daily

  • Script your life

  • Envision yourself living it

  • Come from already being the person

  • And then take the actions that this person would take.

Of course taking some of these actions might make you quite nervous. Yes, it will be a stretch, and it will feel scary or uncomfortable. But there will also likely be some sort of excitement present.

If you feel afraid, remember:

Fear is just excitement without breath.

So breathe, and visualise yourself doing what you know you would do when you are the person you want to become.

And Then take your emotions out of it, and just do it!

This one alone is so powerful!

You can do what needs to be done if you stop listening to your emotions telling you that it’s too hard, that you’re afraid, that you don’t know how.

I first realised the incredible power of this when I wanted to move to Namibia 23 years ago. I had no money. I was shy. I had a phone phobia. I didn't like selling myself.

None of these things mattered!

Within one week, I had organised 18 commissions to do stories and pictures for various German magazines. By cold calling them. Without ever having written an article before. By KNOWING that I would go, and that I needed money, and that I could do these articles, and by bringing this last part across clearly.

After I had some work lined up, it occurred to me that I didn’t have enough money to pay for a plane ticket. So I called LTU and told them that I would write an article for their inflight magazine in exchange for a flight to Namibia. They said yes, and I was on my way (and stayed for nearly 18 years, but that’s another story).

Your emotions can only stop you when you let them!


  • Which daily habits does the person you want to become have? Which actions does she take?

  • Make time now in your calendar for these daily actions.

  • Commit!

  • Start doing them, every day. Even if it feels imperfect. Even if you don’t exactly know how to do it. Even if it’s scary!

  • Be proud of yourself!