Abundantly You

Heal your money story and create your abundant life!


Abundance...this is by far one of my favourite discussions! For two reasons....

Firstly, I feel that wealth and abundance are one of the most grossly misunderstood concepts in the spiritual community, and the other reason I love talking about abundance so much, is because it really is the exact same thing as focusing on your wildest dreams.

Now, I understand if some of you are finding that last statement a little difficult to digest but let’s unpack it a bit.

I think most of you could agree that to be able to express yourself in the world, to be able to live your biggest life; you need to have money.


And here I think I should add that though I believe that money’s important, I’m also well aware that it’s not the only way.

I’ve seen firsthand how the universe can deliver incredible abundance with everyday synchronicity, but these kinds of “miracles” are only possible when you’re able to release resistance towards a topic. And because money is one of the most commonly recognized forms of abundance, it means that if you have negative beliefs about money, then you’re actually holding resistance towards other forms of abundance as well....


For the longest time, I was stuck in the belief that being truly spiritual is to be poor, and that doing the work is reward enough. And while this belief has certain merit, the truth is that not having money greatly limited my ability to expand and express myself in a ways that could serve even more people.


It was only when I became willing to examine my inner beliefs, that my outer reality started to change.


One of the best things about me having healed my own money story, is that I can now pass on everything I’ve learned to all of you.



The 'Abundantly You' One-On-One  Intensive


Our road to riches begins with you listening to a comprehensive audio recording in which we discuss everything I’ve learned about money, wealth consciousness and feeling worthy.

Next, it's time to change your attitude around money - you’ll be working through a guidebook that will help you uncover your core beliefs.

We begin by first by examining the attitudes you hold about money. And then by bringing them up from your subconscious mind, because right now they’re sitting there and silently  running your life

Once you can clearly see your beliefs, you’re able to change them to ones that actually serve you. 


Expect many major 'aha's' when you go through the material.


Finally, you and I will spend 4 hours face-to-face.

In this time we’ll be taking everything you have learned and transform it so that you’re in the best possible stand-point to begin receiving more money into your life!

You will walk away with a clear plan on how to make money doing something you love, or on up-leveling your existing business so that it reflects your new mindset.



If you work through this course, I guarantee that you’ll be absolutely amazed at how your world changes – and how quickly it can happen too!




Since I unpacked my own beliefs , I’ve signed up for a high-level, year long coaching program, I have been to Paris, Switzerland, Germany, and Los Angeles, and I am preparing to move to Europe in July. And that’s only been in the last three months... :)

Maybe coaching and travel isn’t what you’re after...


But wouldn't is be fantastic to be able to fulfill your own wishes, without always having to hold back because you don’t have the money to do so?

You know as well as I do that nobody’s being helped by you being poor. The best way to help people is by you being able to fully express yourself in the way that only you can.


Let's not waste another day on poverty consciousness, low self-esteem, and holding back the beautiful truth of who you are!


   US $ 997



Need more info? Then schedule a comprehensive (and complimentary) call to find out if we are meant to work together:

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